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“Alright, the matter has already been settled. Do as you will. You don’t need to mind this old man, I still need to properly analyze my moves from the last game.” The boy waved his hand toward the other cultivators and lowered his head as he closely examined the chessboard.

When the Core Formation cultivators heard this, they hurriedly brought the party over to one side of the hall.

Shortly after leaving the stone hall, the Hundred Possibilities Pavilion cultivator couldn’t help but sigh, “I truly didn’t think that Fellow Daoist Bai was actually... Junior Martial Brother Yue, did you know about this beforehand?”

“I didn’t. Senior Lan merely said that he was coming here for a bit of business. How could I pry any further?” The yellow-clothed cultivator’s expression grew somewhat unsightly when he spoke.

With that said, the Hundred Possibilities Pavilion cultivator shut his mouth and didn’t mention the matter any further to the group of disciples behind him.

Under this gloomy atmosphere, Han Li and the rest of the party continued walking through a long corridor. After making a turn, they arrived before a set of faintly yellow stone doors that had a man with disheveled hair sitting in front of it.

Although this person’s face was covered by his messy hair, one could tell his age from his white hair.

The yellow-clothed cultivator wore a respectful expression when he spotted him.

“Brother Wei, I’ve brought the disciples of the Sword Trial Assembly. Is it alright for them to come in?”

The disheveled-haired man responded with a profoundly deep voice, “Since they’ve already arrived, they may come in. But since the Wine Nectar is shedding slower than we anticipated, they must wait a while.”

Han Li quickly swept his gaze towards the man and a cold glint flickered from his eyes. This man was a Core Formation cultivator at the peak of the false Nascent stage. Han Li couldn’t help but take notice of him.

When the grey-clothed old man heard him, his expression revealed a trace of excitement. He stepped forward and said with a trembling voice, “Senior Martial Brother Wei, are... are you doing well?”

This person was a Drifting Cloud cultivator!

The disheveled-haired cultivator sighed and slowly said, “It seems that during the many years I haven’t seen Junior Martial Brother Yu, you’ve grown quite elderly.”

“Senior Martial Brother, why...”

This Senior Martial Brother Wei calmly said, “Enough. Since we’ve reunited, our destiny together hasn’t run out. Don’t speak anymore of what happened that year. When I entered this place, I made a death oath to condense a Nascent Soul or never leave. Besides, I’ve also found out from our two Martial Uncles that the sect is being cleanly handled by Junior Martial Brother Feng. I’m not worried in the slightest.”

When the grey-clothed old man heard this, his expression grew dim and he stifled the questions that he wished to ask.

“Junior Martial Brothers, wait for

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