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Han Li didn’t directly respond to her question and responded with raised eyebrows, “From the techniques and abilities that you displayed today as well as during that time in Heavenvoid Hall, it seemed that you deliberately allowed me to acquire the jade scepter. Is that right?”

Silverwolf felt somewhat stunned by his question, and she smiled with luminous eyes, “As the jade scepter’s tool spirit, I didn’t have much of a chance to leave Heavenvoid Hall by myself. I needed a cultivator to bring me out. On that day, I didn’t use my full abilities to resist capture. And with my cultivation greatly reduced after breaking free from the Heavenvoid Cauldron, my full resistance wouldn’t have been able to stop a Nascent Soul cultivator. In the end, it would’ve been better for me to fall into the hands of a Core Formation cultivator instead.”

After muttering to himself for a moment, Han Li asked with a deep voice, “That day, I wasn’t the only Core Formation cultivator there. Why didn’t you fall into the hands of the other two? Did you choose me?”

Silvermoon’s expression stirred and asked, “You mean the youth surnamed Wu and the Ghost Dao cultivator that planned on killing you for the Heavenvoid Cauldron?”

“That’s right!”

Silvermoon pursed her lips and sweetly smiled, “I simply found them undesirable! One was eerie and filled with ghost Qi and the other shriveled and hideous. Although you aren’t a majestic figure, you could be considered somewhat pleasing to the eye. Do you find these reasons acceptable?” She seemed both earnest and joking as she said this.

Han Li found himself overwhelmed with a feeling of not knowing whether he should laugh or cry.

“Since Fellow Daoist is unwilling to speak of it, I won’t press you since I have a more important question to ask. Have you been able to observe my actions over the years from within my storage pouch?” Han Li’s question was spoken with an icy tone, causing the temperature in the room to instantly drop.

Her smiled vanished and she seriously responded, “That’s right. Regardless of whether it is Brother Han’s techniques or magic treasures, I have been able to observe everything. I even know of the small, heaven-defying bottle of yours.”

Although he had faintly guessed as much, Han Li’s expression instantly grew gloomy upon hearing her. He icily glanced at the young woman in silence as if he were thinking of a countermeasure.

Silvermoon ignored Han Li’s icy expression and asked with a weak smile, “Could it be that Fellow Daoist Han plans on killing me? After all, if any of the cultivator clans were to know that such a heaven-defying treasure were to exist, Brother Han would surely meet a miserable end.”

When Han Li heard her, his eyes narrowed and his gaze became sharp as a blade’s edge.

With a hostile expression, Han Li chillingly said, “Since Fellow Daoist Silvermoon is fully aware of this and dares to brazenly mention it, are you not afraid that I will destroy you

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