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[TL Note: The Swordshadow Phantasm Technique is now known as the Swordlight Reflection Technique.]

Han Li meditated without any further thought and began to circulate the Qi into his body. The icy sensation in his eyes only grew stronger.

If anyone were standing in front of Han Li at that moment, they would’ve discovered that a layer of blue light began to weakly cover his eyes.

An hour later, the icy sensation gradually faded away from his eyes and Han Li deeply sighed. His eyelids trembled for a moment before they opened. He unconsciously glanced around with a trace of doubt on his face.

Han Li glance around and muttered to himself, “It doesn’t seem that anything has changed. Could it be ineffective?”

But after a moment more of thought, he suddenly poured spiritual power into his eyes and deeply glanced around. A blue light sparkled from deep within his eyes.

“Yi!” Han Li couldn’t help but shout out. He was able to see the restrictions in the silent room, and his eyes were stained light blue. However, his focus was disrupted from his surprise and the scene before him returned to normal.

Han Li glanced at the ball of spirit water still floating in front of him and thought, ‘It was no wonder that cultivators at Core Formation stage and beyond hold no interest in Brightsight Water. This meager ability to barely see through anything is to little effect. There are many supplementary magic techniques that could achieve a far stronger effect. However, this is only the result of cleansing the eyes one time. If I were to periodically use the Brightsight Water, perhaps my eyes would gain a miraculous ability. I’m looking forward to it.”

Without any reservations, Han Li used the remaining Brightsight water to repeatedly cleanse his eyes. This amount of spirit water was enough for over ten cultivators to cleanse their eyes once through, but with Han Li’s profound cultivation, he was able to consume all of it after only a few times.

Once the spirit water was completely consumed, Han Li still observed no changes. It was only when he focused spiritual power into his eyes that blue light suddenly appeared within them. It’s ability to see through restrictions wasn’t particularly improved. As Han Li had plenty of time, he wasn’t dejected by these results. It would just be a gradual process.

On the second day, Han Li had a quick word with Silvermoon before he entered seclusion and took out the golden page that recorded the Azure Essence Sword Arts.

This sword art was a complete set, containing thirteen layers. The divine abilities of the sword art included the Azure Essence Swordstreaks, the protective sword shield, and the Swordlight Reflection Technique.

The first two techniques weren’t particularly notable. Although they were easy to use, their power was nothing special. As for the Swordlight Reflection Technique, Han Li was greatly satisfied by it.

He made use of that divine ability to great and immediate

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