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These three Ghost Spirit Sect cultivators consisted of a black-clothed man with a resolute appearance, an embroidered-robed scholar with flickering eyes, and a middle-aged woman who still retained the beauty of her youth.

When the woman surnamed Liu saw the three disciples of Master Splintered Soul, she sweetly smiled, “Senior Martial Brother Xun! So it turned out to be the disciples of Senior Splintered Soul. How timely.”

But when the three black-robed cultivators heard this, they coldly examined them and their expressions grew sullen. The woman amongst the three wore an unfriendly expression and asked, “Timely? Why have our two Junior Martial Sisters from the Controlling Spirit Sect snuck into our State of Yue? Could it be you hold our Ghost Spirit Sect in contempt?”

Cultivator Liu explained with a smile, “Senior Martial Sister misunderstands, Senior Martial Sister Han and I came to the State of Yue under orders from our Sect Ancestor. Because the matter was urgent and couldn't be delayed, we were unable to inform your esteemed sect of the matter. Moreover, we’ve only arrived in the State of Yue for a few days. We had no intentions of neglecting your sect.”

The black-clothed cultivator stared at Cultivator Liu and expressionlessly asked, “Regardless of why you’ve arrived at the State of Yue, there is only one question we wish to ask you. Did you take anything from the Tai Yue Mountains a few days ago?”

Han Yunzhi frowned and an odd expression appeared on her face, “The Tai Yue Mountains? The mountain range that originally belonged to Yellow Maple Valley?”

“Hm? Did you two Junior Martial Sisters truly pass by there?” Although the black-robed cultivator’s expression remained calm, a cold glint appeared within his eyes. The embroidered-robed scholar’s and the woman’s expressions tensed, their faces revealing traces of hostility.

When Han Yunzhi and Cultivator Liu saw this, they unconsciously exchanged glances.

The two weren’t fools. It was clear the other party revealed hostility. However, the party of Controlling Spirit Sect cultivators truly hadn’t entered the Tai Yue Mountains. They merely probed the Spirit Nascent’s position from a distance and discovered that the cultivator who captured it seemed to have stayed at the Tai Yue Mountains for half a day.

Cultivator Liu’s gaze flickered for a moment and she probingly said, “We hadn’t crossed through the Tai Yue Mountains. However, the cultivator that is fifty kilometers behind us had crossed through the Tai Yue Mountains. It did seem that person was there during that time. Could Senior Martial Brother Xun be looking for him?”

The embroidered-robed scholar boldly stared at the two woman and suddenly smiled, “Fifty kilometers behind you? Are you making this up? How did you know that person stayed at the Tai Yue Mountains? Could he be a cultivator of your sect?”

Cultivator Liu blushed and spoke with luminous eyes, “Senior Martial Brother Que must be joki

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