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Han Li frowned and asked, “By low grade disciples, do you mean that both Qi Condensation and Foundation Establishment disciples will be participating?”

Senior Martial Brother Wang nodded his head, “That’s right. The Sword Trial Assembly doesn’t differentiate between Qi Condensation cultivators and Foundation Establishment cultivators. They are all lumped together in the competition.”

Han Li said with a doubtful tone, “Then isn’t it unfair towards Qi Condensation cultivators?”

Senior Martial Brother Wang slightly smiled and spoke with a deep tone, “The Sword Trial Assembly was originally meant to compare the cultivation of the Foundation Establishment disciples between sects. Qi Condensation cultivators are only secondary. However, in order to encourage enthusiasm among low grade disciples, they didn’t restrict external affair disciples from participating. Although Qi Condensation cultivators have never been able to seize first place, there have been Qi Condensation cultivators that were able to defeat Foundation Establishment cultivators and force their way into the top ten.”

“Qi Condensation cultivators forcing their way into the top ten? Could it be that their magic tools are immensely powerful?’

Kui Huan shook his head and said, “Hehe, Junior martial brother is truly smart. He already knew the crux of the matter without being told. The Core Formation Seniors of the sects all have their own descendants and occasionally give them a few greatly powerful magic tools so that they may acquire a high rank. As such, it is no surprise that these Qi Condensation disciples would be able to overcome a Foundation Establishment cultivator with an unwieldy magic tool.”

With that said, the doubt on Han Li’s face only grew deeper. After a moment of thought he said, “From what you’ve said, there should be more rewards than just that for the top ranking. There would be no way that this much effort would be put into the contest for only magic tools.”

Senior Martial Brother Wang slowly said, “Even if Junior martial brother didn’t mention it, I would’ve said it anyways. In fact, the Sword Trial Assembly’s most attractive reward is the opportunity to cleanse one’s eyes in spirit water if one places in the top ten. It is said that the first drop that is shed each time from the holy tree is particularly valuable and can be concocted into the legendary Brightsight Water. Although one’s cultivation won’t increase from using the water, it grants the fantastical ability to see through mist and stone. This is the reason why there are so many that strive their hardest to make it into the top ten. If there were only a few top grade magic tools as a prize, there would be little attraction for the disciples of sect elders of large clans. After all, while the Spirit Tempering Pill is a precious prize, there is only one of them.”

Han Li raised his brow and muttered, “Brightsight Water!”

The name of this spirit water was something that Han Li

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