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The scholarly man sneered and said, “What? Has Brother Wei become reluctant to leave after the hundred years you stayed here?”

The disheveled-haired old man emotionlessly said, “Of course not, but I have developed a bit of an attachment towards this place, having spent so many years here. After all, to be human is to feel. In these long years, Elder Yun of the Drifting Cloud Sect has treated me as if I were kin. Not only did he impart divine techniques to me, but he even saved my life during critical moments and faced immense opposition in order to grant me authority over the Drifting Cloud Sect. I am incapable of ignoring such kindness. I cannot allow you two to take the Spirit Well Tree away.”

Du Dong smiled instead of growing angry, and sinisterly threatened, “Good, good! Brother Wei must mean to act as a genuine Drifting Cloud Sect Elder. However, you forget what will happen if we are to speak the truth and reveal your identity as a spy for the Heavenly Fiend Sect. Do you think you’ll be able to freely remain?”

The dishevel-haired old man calmly replied, “I don’t need your reminder. I am perfectly aware. Why do you think I am restrained here? I’ve long gathered suspicion from the two Martial Uncles. There is merely a lack of concrete evidence. That is why I was forcefully removed from power in the sect and was trapped in this confined place. Of course, I’ve also received great kindness from the Heavenly Fiend Sect. Since Fellow Daoist Du has shown me Sect Master Xie’s token, I can give you a bit of the Win Nectar even though I can’t allow you to take away the tree. This should be enough to repay the past kindness of the Heavenly Fiend Sect.”

“What? You will only give us the Wine Nectar? I...”

Du Dong expression relaxed and he interrupted the scholarly man, “Fine, just give us the Wine Nectar. With that in hand, we won’t need the Spirit Well Tree. After all, our Righteous and Devil Dao sects possess countless treasures. Although we may not have something like the Spirit Well Tree, we have plenty other types of spirit wells.”

When Cultivator Bai heard this, he glanced at Du Dong in surprise, but after a moment of thought, he remained silent. After all, his orders were all given to him by the Thousand Illusion Sect’s young master. Although he didn’t know when the Righteous Dao Alliance and the Six Devil Dao Sects grew so close, he may as well defer to his judgement on the matter.

Cultivator Wei coldly said, “Since you Fellow Daoists both approve, I will take out the Wine Nectar from the restrictions. But first, I will get the ugly matters out of the way. If you plan to take advantage of when I release the restrictions, don’t blame me for being ruthless.”

Du Dong chuckled and pledged with a calm expression, “Be at ease, we won’t do something so foolish. After all, this Spirit Well Tree is a trivial affair compared to the Profound Goddess’ Palm.”

The old man then nodded and took out a small white bottle from h

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