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The Fu Clan Ancestor wasn’t near the main hall as of current. Instead, he was within one of the castle’s secluded pavilions. He was looking at a faint sparkling jade slip in his hand.

Since he was the main character in the birthday celebration, he would be making his appearance at the last moment. He may as well take advantage of this idle time to handle a few more urgent matters as the Fu Clan’s master.

In addition to the Fu Clan Ancestor, there was a large copper-skinned man sitting in the pavilion. His cultivation was at early Core Formation stage, and his waist was filled with variously-sized pouches.

The Fu Clan Ancestor suddenly slapped the table and shouted with a gloomy expression, “Humph! This isn’t the State of Zijin! Those Spirit Controlling Sect want our assistance in acquiring information? Just what are they looking for? Do they consider our Fu Clan to be subordinates? Absurd!”

The large man stroked his chin and curiously said, “There is no need for Seventh Uncle to be so angry. Does the jade slip mention what they're looking for? Surely this must be something important for the cultivators of the Controlling Spirit Sect to act so nervously?”

“It is irritating how they wish to use us, but still keep us in the dark. They merely want us to be mindful of any strange events that have taken place recently in the State of Yuan Wu, and inform them as soon as anything occurs.”

A spirited glint appeared in the large man’s eyes. He pensively said, “Oh! So its like that? It seems the Controlling Spirit Sect wishes to conceal this matter from the Devilflame Sect, and sought our Fu Clan out as a result. This must also be why they are speaking so vaguely.”

The old man twirled his beard and muttered, “Little Third, your words seem true. In order to further protect our Fu Clan, we should also secretly befriend the Spirit Controlling Sect just in case, in addition to serving the Devilflame Sect. While we’ve had friendly relations with the Controlling Spirit Sect for some time, they still don’t trust our Fu Clan much. It seems we should take a look at our plans. Perhaps the weakest of the Six Sects, the Ghost Spirit Sect, would also be good to befriend.”

“This may be...”

“Tch tch! I didn’t think that the Fu Clan was colluding with the Controlling Spirit Sect while so eager to please the Devilflame Sect. It is no wonder why your clan has been so prosperous the past hundred years.” The large man’s thoughts were suddenly interrupted by the derisive voice of an unfamiliar man.

The Fu Clan Ancestor and the large man felt shocked and simultaneously jumped up from their chairs. After glancing at each other in shock, the Fu Clan ancestor loudly asked, “Who is the lord that honors the Fu Clan with his presence? I, Fu Tianhua, hope Senior will forgive me for not welcoming him!”

“There is not need to welcome me. I came here uninvited.” As soon as that was said, azure light suddenly glowed from within the pavilion.

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