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The silver-haired old man rejoiced upon seeing that Han Li had yet to refuse. Continuing with his earnest tone, he said, “Be at ease, Fellow Daoist Han. Although you will take on the title as one of the sect’s chief elders, you won’t be tied to any trivial responsibilities and may do as you wish. Your mere existence will serve as deterrence. Each year, our sects’ disciples will offer us over a thousand spirit stones that we may use for cultivation. And if there are any spirit medicines or materials that we require in particular, we may order our disciples to find them for us, instead of spending our own time. In short, your status as an elder of our Drifting Cloud Sect will be superior to those in other sects.”

Cultivator Lu slowly added, “Senior Martial Brother speaks true. Although Brother Han has finished condensing a Nascent Soul, he must be puzzled as to how to consolidate it since this must be new to him. We don’t mean to boast, but after spending several hundred years stuck at early Nascent Soul stage, we possess a few unique cultivation experiences. If Fellow Daoist enters our sect, we will be able to provide some guidance.”

The addition of a Nascent Soul cultivator would cause the sect’s power to immediately rise. Although their might still wouldn’t be comparable to the Ancient Sword Sect, they would be on par with the Hundred Possibilities Pavilion, subsequently stabilizing the Drifting Cloud Sect’s position in the Dreamcloud Mountains.

Han Li felt somewhat tempted by Cultivator Lu’s conditions. As someone who had just formed a Nascent Soul, he knew what guidance from those who had condensed a Nascent Soul for hundreds of years signified. It may allow him to save anywhere from tens to a hundred years of bitter cultivation.

As for staying at the Drifting Cloud Sect, it wasn’t as if he hadn’t considered it, but he had yet to analyze the benefits and drawbacks. Since they had now taken the initiative to mention it, he had no choice to carefully decide.

Would he continue to act as a vagrant cultivator? Seize this opportunity to become a Drifting Cloud Sect elder? Or should he bluntly find a more suitable sect to enter?

After muttering to himself for a long while, Han Li raised his head and said, “Thank you very much for your kind intentions, Fellow Daoists. However, I have just formed a Nascent Soul and my mind is on edge. For something this important, could you two give me a few days to consider it? Three days should be enough to give a reply.”

When they heard Han Li’s words, the two couldn’t help but glance at one another. After a short moment of thought, the old man gave an embarrassed reply, “We are quite ashamed. It seems we were too impatient. It is only natural to require a few days to consider the matter. For now, we’ll turn the surroundings into a forbidden area to avoid our disciples from disturbing you. We’ll come back to pay you a visit in three day’s time.” Once that was said, the two leisurely cha

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