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By the time the last word was spoken, Han Li was already ten kilometers away from the Three Kilometer Valley while flying across the sky in a streak of azure light.

Although he had something of a relationship with the Han Clan members, he had always viewed his true family to be his parents and siblings. Although the scholar and the large man had treated him with great respect, Han Li felt no real intimacy towards them. After all, the distance of many generations and the vast changes to Green Ox Village and the Three Kilometer Valley caused Han Li to strongly feel as if he were an outsider.

However, this trip to his hometown had weakened the last worries he held in his heart. He was sure that with the passage of time, these worries would truly disappear and his distant ties with these descendants would truly fade away.

As such, Han Li quickly gained his bearings and set off.

Several days later, Han Li passed through the Lan Province, specifically making a detour at Jia Yuan City. Little had changed about the city apart from its inhabitants.

Not only did Sun Ergou and the Fourth Level Gang disappear, but even the Rainbow Sect had disappeared over a hundred years prior. It had been replaced with a newly emerged gang by the name of the United Heavens Union.

If he remembered correctly, the Rainbow Sect had had the backing of Spirit Beast Mountain in the past, but at the climax of the war with the Devil Dao, Spirit Beast Mountain defected to the Controlling Spirit Sect. Now that the State of Yue was under the control of the Ghost Spirit Sect, the fall of the Rainbow Sect came as no surprise.

Additionally, he had no idea if Mo Yuzhu or her daughter had met with any mishaps. It was a pity that so many years had passed as even if Han Li asked around, there would be no information to be found.

Han Li could only sigh and hurriedly depart.

As for Sun Ergou, he didn’t manage to find any information on his clan. Han Li didn’t mind this in particular since he didn't hold them in much regard. Although he had given Sun Ergou many benefits, Han Li had received little in return.

As such, Han Li left the city of Jia Yuan and thought to fly in the direction of the State of Yuan Wu. Once he passed through the State of Yuan Wu, he planned on returning to the Drifting Cloud Sect. But half a day after he departed Jia Yuan City, his expression froze and he stopped in mid air.

He turned his head and gazed into the distance. He couldn’t help but narrow his eyes.

At that moment, a party of cultivators suddenly stopped a hundred kilometers away. The two white-clothed woman hesitantly glanced at each other as their expressions grew heavy.

The old man standing behind them nervously asked, “Martial Aunts, did something happen?”

“Yes, I just felt the Spirit Nascent’s position suddenly stop. I don’t know whether or not we’ve been discovered.” The sharp-eyed, white-clothed woman surnamed Liu no longer wore her normal lazy ex

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