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In the instant the disciple was slain, the other cultivator’s faces grew deathly pale. They began to release their defensive magic tools as they stared at Cultivator Bai. For a moment, no one dared to move.

Mu Peiling’s expression greatly changed and she stepped away from Du Dong, releasing her own ribbon magic tool around her. As for Sun Huo, he had recoiled at the sight of this incisive strike and grimaced while his gaze flickered between Cultivator Bai and Du Dong.

Han Li silently slipped into a corner of the room and his gaze continuously swept around. It was unknown what was going through his mind.

At that moment, an imposing aura suddenly swelled from Du Dong. With lines of black talisman characters appearing on his neck, black light suddenly surged from his body as he underwent a sudden transformation. He grew to two meters in height, his appearance became malevolent, and his cultivation surged to mid-Core Formation stage.

When Cultivator Bai saw Du Dong’s astonishing transformation, he couldn’t help but laugh, “Very nice! If the Thousand Illusions Sect were to say they were ranked second in concealment techniques in the Heavenly South, no one would dare to proclaim themselves as first. The Greater Sifting Mirage Technique is truly worthy of being your sect’s signature technique.”

“Humph!” The transformed Du Dong merely snorted. He then gloomily swept past the crowd and his eyes stopped on Han Li. A malicious expression appeared on his face.

Woosh. The cultivators in the room only caught sight of the Du Dong disappearing in a blur before reappearing beside Han Li. With a wave his hand, Han Li’s light barrier was shattered in an instant and his hand pierced into Han Li’s chest like a bolt of lightning. He then withdrew his hand with a bloody heart in his grasp.

Han Li’s corpse fell onto the floor.

“Ah!” When the other disciples saw this bloody scene, they shouted out in alarm, believing that they would be the next to fall. Their hearts were all struck with terror.

“Huh?” The transformed Du Dong revealed a strange expression as if in disbelief that Han Li had died so easily. He frowned for a moment and glanced at his hand. From the warm and bloody heart in his grasp, it appeared he had truly killed him.

The scholarly man grew alarmed at Du Dong’s sudden attack, and he furiously shouted, “What are you doing!? You can’t kill these disciples; a few of them have influence. One of them is even a close descendant of Eccentric Heavenvenge. Don’t attack them as you please!”

Du Dong indifferently snorted,“If you can kill one, then so can I. Besides, given how odd that youngster was, it was better to take the initiative to deal with him. Also, this person definitely wasn’t Eccentric Heavenvenge’s descendant. He entered the sect at the same time I did.” Soon after, he tossed the heart onto the ground.

The scholar’s expression relaxed and he gravely said, “So long as you realize this, that’s fine! Althou

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