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An old man with thin-eyebrows and embroidered robes stood at the side of the pale-faced man and added on, “Even so, Martial Ancestor need not worry. The Fu Clan maintained a steady relationship with Seniors Sun and Mo for over a hundred years. They will arrive soon. As their sects’ current heights was in significant part due to our Fu Clan’s backing, we can be considered to be closely tied together. Besides, we sent two of our clans’ most outstanding female disciples as their concubines. They would be embarrassed not to come.”

The Fu Clan Ancestor twirled his long beard and a cold glint flickered from his eyes. With his previous smile vanished, he said, “Its not that I’m worried whether or not Brother Sun and Mo will come, but I merely feel somewhat ill at ease at the day of the birth celebration approaches. It seems as if something great is about to happen. It is rather worrying! Has our Fu Clan recently offended a particularly fearsome character or some larger sects?”

When this was said, the people in the hall couldn’t help but look at each other in dismay.

After a long while, the pale faced man carefully answered,” Venerable Ancestor, you should also know this. Although our Fu Clan has greatly flourished over the years, we’ve offended countless clans and small sects. But the most hostile to us are the Qin and Hu Clans. Could they be plotting something?”

“It definitely isn’t those two clans! While those two clans were able to contend with us for some time, they no longer possess many high grade cultivators. They don’t have the capability to stir up trouble.” The Fu Clan Ancestor coldly shook his head, but he soon frowned. With some further hesitation, he said, “However, if they were join hands with other small clans, they may take advantage of this opportunity to attack. They’d be able to greatly injure the clan’s strength.

After all, in order to curry favor with the Devilflame Sect, our Fu Clan killed many of the two clan’s cultivators for resisting the Devil Dao. As of current, the Qin and Hu Clans have lost their backing and are hiding away. With the hatred they holds towards us, it isn’t an impossible matter.” With that said, the Fu Clan Ancestor’s expression grew sullen.

The embroidered-robed old man cautiously asked, “What does Venerable Ancestor mean?”

In an instant, the Fu Clan Ancestor leaned his head back and closed his eyes. Then with an adamant tone, he declared, “We will be calm on the surface, but remain inwardly vigilant! Double the sentries! Have the protective formation continuously activated without pause! And be particularly mindful of vagrant cultivators with unclear background!”

“Yes, it will be arranged!” The pale-faced cultivator immediately accepted the orders.

Seeing that the Fu Clan Ancestor appeared to be in a poor mood, the remaining Fu Clan Juniors all stood in place, even not daring to breathe too loudly.

The Fu Clan Ancestor suddenly said, “Tianyun, call over your Third Un

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