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Han Li received the portrait and gently unrolled the scroll in his hand to reveal a meter long portrait of a smiling azure-robed man. It was a lifelike image of himself.

After taking a look at the scroll, Han Li sighed and rolled it back up.

After a moment of thought, Han Li stared at the woman and slowly asked, “Might I ask why your ancestor left behind a portrait of me? Is there a deeper meaning behind it?”

When the woman heard this, she wore a hesitant expression. With some thought, she carefully replied, “Senior Han, before Junior answers this question, may I ask whether or not you remember your promise with Miss Xin?”

“Of course I remember. You also know of the matter?” Han Li asked with a trace of astonishment.

With a heart filled with apprehension, the woman looked at Han Li and softly said, “In fact, Junior has continued to stay here in large part due to Senior. However, I hope you’ll forgive me as I cannot speak forthrightly until your promise with Miss Xin is fulfilled.”

Peng. Han Li expressionlessly tossed a wooden box onto the table from his storage pouch.

“This...” The woman felt her heart jump as she wasn’t sure what Han Li intended.

Han Li calmly said, “There is no need for Fellow Daoist to be so flustered! The box contains the head of the Fu Clan Ancestor. The direct lineage of the Fu Clan have been exterminated, and only a few distant Fu Clan members remain. The Fu Clan no longer holds any power in the State of Yuan Wu. Is the promise considered fulfilled?”

The woman cried out in shock, “What? The Fu Clan Ancestor has already been killed?!”

She looked at the box with gritted teeth and opened the lid, filling the air with the scent of blood.

The woman’s face paled, but upon recognizing the face of the head, she smiled, “It truly is the Fu Clan Ancestor. Many years ago, I stealthily caught sight of the villian from a distance.”

Han Li smiled and said, “Because I killed him several days ago, word should’ve already spread. So long as you talk to someone you’re familiar with or go to a market city, you should be able to verify this.”

“Then Senior must’ve brought the head here to...”

“That’s right. I came to this old place to honor Miss Xin and Fellow Daoist Qi. I haven’t made many friends in my life and now that I’ve taken revenge on their behalf, I may as well follow it to completion.” Han Li’s voice grew sullen and his expression became earnest.

“When Miss Xin and Sir Qi learn of this in the underworld, they will certainly be pleased. Please wait for a moment, I will be right back.” The woman’s expression became dim, but something soon came to mind and she hurriedly left.

Han Li was baffled but nodded his head and watched as the woman rushed out of the room.

This time, the woman walked to a building in the back and began to dig below a tree, eventually taking a faint green jade box from within the dirt. She then carefully brought it back into the room and placed i

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