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“He’s going into seclusion to reach late Core Formation stage?” The man was clearly surprised, but he soon sighed and spoke no further.

The Ancient Sword Sect’s Cultivator Bai then wordlessly raised his hand and struck the pile of rocks nearby with a streak of white light. The pile of rocks suddenly flashed with light and he disappeared. The pile of rocks was clearly a well hidden transportation spell formation.

After seeing the grey-clothed old man depart, he sat down on the ground nearby.

At the other end of the transportation formation was a small stone room in the Hundred Possibilities Sect. The scholarly man appeared within the formation with a flash of white light. Several high grade cultivators from the three sects were surrounding him.

Cultivator Jian asked, “How is it Junior Martial Brother? Are the preparations finished?”

The scholarly man replied, “Senior Martial Brother, relax. Everything is ready at the sacred site. We may take them in now.”

The old man surnamed Fu nodded his head with satisfaction, “Good! Then we must trouble Brother Duan to bring the ten juniors over here.” As soon as he finished the red-robed old man wordlessly pushed open the door and left. Old Man Fu continued, “As arranged, our three sects will each send a Core Formation cultivator to accompany them. The Drifting Cloud Sect’s Fellow Daoist Yu is already on the other side. Brother Jiang, who will you be sending over?”

Jiang Yun casually replied, “I’ve already seen it once before and there is little to see, how about Junior Martial Brother Bai goes?”

Old Man Fu smiled and said, “That’s fine. Although Fellow Daoist Bai hasn’t had his turn guarding the sacred site, he was once one of the ten finalists in the Sword Trial Assembly. It could be considered revisiting a memory.”

Cultivator Bai nodded his head with a calm expression but said nothing. The white-clothed young woman charmingly smiled at him and rubbed shoulders with him in a rather romantic manner.

At that moment, footsteps came from outside of the stone room and the red-robed old man walked in with a calm expression, leading the ten finalists.

Although the Drifting Cloud Sect hadn’t acquired first place, there were four disciples that managed to make it into the final ten. Occupying the most places amongst the three sects. This had caused Old Man Duan to feel quite pleased in contrast to his calm exterior.

With that thought, he unconsciously swept his gaze over the four disciples. There was the Firecloud Mountain’s Sun Huo, a staunch-faced youth, Mu Peiling of Dayspring Mountain, Han Li and Du Dong.

When he caught sight of Du Dong, Old Man Duan couldn’t help but inwardly snort, and a trace of derision momentarily appeared within his heart.

As for the disciple that had acquired first place, he was a black-clothed youth with an expression as clear as a drawn sword. He was the Ancient Sword Sect’s Meng Di, who possessed the Ninesword Spirit Constitutio

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