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Silvermoon cried out in astonishment, “The Sacred Asura Flames! Of course I remember. Those are the devilflame known as the sacred flames of the Ghost Dao. If the Bone Sage had truly refined them, there would’ve been few in this world that could be his match. However, the flames you’ve used don’t seem very similar to what the Bone Sage displayed during that day.”

“Of course not. These aren’t the Sacred Asura Flames. But while I don’t know the specifics behind this particular flame, its might is clearly superior to the Celestial Ice Flames. If I haven’t guessed incorrectly, once the flames are fused with the six-winged frost centipedes’ icy Qi, their might will increase to the point where they could rival the Sacred Asura Flames. This was something I had unintentionally discovered after I absorbed the centipede’s icy Qi. A fortunate coincidence indeed.”

Once that was said, Han Li twirled his finger and had the bird disappear into his hand.

Silvermoon was initially stunned, but soon she revealed delight. With a salute and a gorgeous smile, she said, “This servant congratulates Master. The Celestial Ice Flames were something that common Nascent Soul cultivators didn’t dare to touch. With these newly fused devilflames, Master would be able to dominate the entirety of the Heavenly South.”

Han Li shook his head and sullenly said, “Dominate the Heavenly South? Those words are too bold. I do not know how many late Nascent Soul cultivators are in the Heavenly South, but each of these eccentrics should possess many years of vast experience and have their own killing moves. Perhaps one of them might have something to restrain my devilflames.”

Silvermoon pursed her lips and revealed a careless expression, “Master is being too modest. How could such an opportune matter occur in this world?”

Han Li smiled and said, “It’s hard to be sure. The Gold Devouring Beetles may be incisive and are highly ranked, but the Bloodjade Spiders happen to be able to restrain them despite their vastly lower rank. If I were to run into a cultivator that knows about these beetles and possesses jade or wooden treasures, it would prove vastly disadvantageous for the beetles. There will also be something that can restrain these devilflames. In this entire world, there is no such thing as a treasure or technique that is unrivaled.”

“Master is still quite a careful and cautious person. From what you’re saying, you must want to prepare several killing moves to prevent yourself from being restrained by others.”

As if not yet finished speaking, Han Li unhurriedly continued, “I’ve previously never accepted disciples because my cultivation was lacking and I was a wanderer, with my residence ever changing. It would’ve been burdensome to take a disciple. But now that I am firmly established at the Drifting Cloud Sect, it is natural to nurture a few sources of influence of my own. Although one’s own strength is extremely important in the cultivation world, it

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