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After a moment of hesitation, Chen Qiaotian said, “My little sister was supposed to marry that year, but the clan she was supposed to marry into switched sides to the Devil Dao. Naturally, we couldn’t allow the marriage with Qiaoqian to go through. Afterwards, my little sister became taciturn and showed little interest in men, remaining alone for the rest of her life.”

Han Li suddenly recalled a rumor that had spread throughout the sect and his expression unconsciously changed.

“She didn’t marry?” An odd expression appeared on Han Li’s face and he wordlessly looked to the sky for a moment.

After a long while, Han Li lowered his head and said, “From your expression, it seems you should know who I am, so I won’t speak further of myself. The Righteous and Devil Dao have currently gathered together here. Since you plan on entering Devilfall Valley, you had best fend for yourselves.” Once Han Li said this, he paid no further attention to the three and tore through the skies in a streak of azure light.

The three Core Formation cultivators respectfully remained silent as Han Li quickly disappeared from sight.

A while later, the woman couldn’t help but ask, “Elder Brother, why did that Senior help us? Does he have a relationship to your Chen Clan?”

Glancing in the direction that Han Li disappeared, he bewilderedly said, “Relationship? Our Chen Clan isn’t worthy of having a relationship with that Senior. If I guess correctly, you should also know of his esteemed name. In the past, he originated from my Yellow Maple Valley and escaped unscathed from the hands of a Moulan Divine Sage. In the battle at the border, he defeated the Moulan Sacred Bird and executed the Jin Empire’s Yin Sifting Sect elder. Surely you should know of his name? But from what he said, he seemed to be close to my deceased sister. How baffling.”

The woman was greatly shocked and shouted in alarm, “What? It was that legendary figure? He looks as young as expected. From what my Seniors said, this person was once a member of our Six Sects of Yue. It is inconceivable that his abilities are as magnificent as they are now.”

Chen Qiaotian sighed and said, “That’s right. When he entered Yellow Maple Valley, I had just reached Foundation Establishment. Later, he entered the Trial of Blood and Fire at the same time as me and my little sister. From then on, things spiralled beyond the scope of imagination and he is now an existence on par with the three Great Heavenly South Cultivators.”

The third cultivator, the blue-clothed man, curiously asked, “I heard that Martial Senior Linghu had implored this person to return to the sect, but he was unwilling. Is this true?”

After a moment of hesitation, Chen Qiaotian vaguely said, “I’m not too sure about this. It is possible though.” Despite their sworn brotherhood, he was unwilling to mention the matter further. Fortunately, the other two cultivators dropped the matter.

The blue-clothed man changed the topic

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