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When the Elder Devil heard this, he squinted eyes in surprise as Han Li hadn’t displayed the slightest fury. He swept his gaze several times past the sword blur in front of Han Li, the purple flame bird and the Blood Devil Sword before he gloomily stared at Han Li once more.

Han Li silently returned the stare and the Thunderstorm Wings slowly unfolded from his back as magic power began to quickly circulate throughout his body.

At that moment, a huge explosion sounded in the distance, and the two couldn’t help but turn their attention to it.

They saw a brilliant flashing light. Several various-colored balls of light were pounding against the black light barrier, dissolving it in the blink of an eye to reveal a ring, a small sword and a spell flag: the three of the devil’s devilfied treasures. However, their devilish light had grown thin appearing to have received heavy damage.

As the Elder Devil was completely focused on Han Li, he had completely overlooked Senior Martial Brother Cheng’s party.

Although these three cultivators were all early Nascent Soul cultivators, they possessed much battle experience and employed their own secret techniques to break through the restrictions constraining their treasures.

But when they saw the Elder Devil’s strange shifting movements from a moment ago, they felt their hearts tremble. Rather than take the initiative to draw close to Han Li, they simply directed their treasures to attack the devil from a distance, hoping that it would provide a distraction. But the three clearly understood that Han Li would be the main force in dealing with him; if Han Li were to fall, the three would be left helpless.

Han Li was delighted that the three were able to provide some assistance at this time. It would be fantastic if they gave him enough time to place down the Aureate Sword Formation.

With that thought, Han Li took another look at the Elder Devil and saw that he took another look at Han Li as the treasures streaked towards him. The ghost head’s eyes flickered and he sinisterly smiled before disappearing in a series of afterimages.

Han Li’s heart stirred and he quickly swept his Brightsight Spirit Eyes around him. He revealed shock by what he saw.

“Not good! Be careful!” Han Li shouted and immediately commanded his huge tortoise puppets to successive shoot beams of blue light near Senior Martial Brother Cheng’s party.

The three were terrified and could only bitterly curse once they realized the Elder Devil abandoned his fight with Han Li for the time being and was heading for them.

After having seen the many moves that Han Li had displayed, the Blood Devil Sword in particular, the Elder Devil felt that he wouldn’t be able to defeat Han Li in a short amount of time. Since the harassment from the three other cultivators would only serve to make things more troublesome, he decided to change course and get rid of the minor hindrance before dealing with his main opponent.

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