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The Nascent flame twinkled within the small azure cauldron and released scorching waves of heat, quickly raising the temperature of the room.

A cold glint twinkled in Han Li’s eyes and he raised his hand, striking the small cauldron with a spell seal. Then with a slight ringing sound, azure light rose from the cauldron and flew around it, causing the cauldron to float in the air.

With this, Han Li pointed to a square jade box and it silently opened to reveal a somewhat flat and round pitch-black stalk several inches long.

Han Li stared at the stalk for a moment and waved his hand at it, summoning it out of the box and holding it in the air three meters from him. He then pointed at it and cut off a fifth of the stem in a flicker of blue light.

As soon as he swept his sleeve, an azure cloud of light flew out and tossed the severed stem piece into the small cauldron. Following this, he struck the remaining piece with a spell seal and sealed it back up in the box.

Han Li paid no further attention to it and pointed to a long wooden box, opening it to reveal the stalk of a glistening green spirit herb. He used swordlight to chop off a small chunk for the cauldron, same as he did for the previous ingredient.

Han Li then continued to sever off the appropriate quantity of various materials and dropped them into the cauldron in accordance with the formula of the Nature Origin Pill. Eventually, it was time to use the Spirit Kindle Fruit and Han Li cut off a fourth of the fruit before placing it into the cauldron.

Han Li then pointed to the floating cauldron and firmly closed the lid on it, shutting it tight.

Han Li took a breath before beginning the next part of the refinement process. He opened his mouth and spat out a stream of azure Nascent Flame, enveloping the cauldron in roaring flames and further increasing the temperature in the room.

Staring at the small cauldron, Han Li continuously flicked his fingers, launching spell seals towards it one after another. Not long after, peals of thunder began to ring out from the cauldron, growing ever louder.

Han Li frowned when he heard this and he began to intermittently form different hand gestures. As a result, the rings of thunder also began to change in volume, soft one moment and deafening the next.

Han Li’s expression stiffened as blue light flickered in his eyes, examining what was happening inside the cauldron.

Han Li remained completely still and emotionless as time slowly passed by.

As Han Li was focused on pill refinement, the Ghost Spirit Sect Master’s party had finally climbed to the top of the giant altar in the basin.

It was unknown why the ancient cultivators had placed such strange restrictions on the altar steps, where they would experience an increasingly greater burden on their body as they grew closer to the top.

As a result, the party had slowed to a crawl when they reached the middle section, taking them an entire day before th

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