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Han Li kept the Sovereign Devil Corpse and his puppets at his side, and even released a dozen huge tortoise puppets at his side as he flew towards the battle.

As Ancestor Linghu and the white-clothed woman followed after them, they were both surprised and felt a bit of relief. Although the puppets didn’t amount to much alone, when combined in the numbers of several tens and expertly used, they could forcefully distract an ordinary Nascent Soul cultivator.

While they both felt a bit more relieved at the sight of this, Ancestor Linghu felt a pang of envy and the white-clothed woman was intimidated. ‘To think that Han Li still has even more moves hidden. What a profoundly mysterious character.’

In the blink of an eye, Han Li quickly closed the five kilometer distance from the battle. He then slowly came to a stop when he arrived about three hundred meters away and examined what happening.

Now that he was nearby, he discovered that there were countless tentacles formed from black-purple devilish radiance and were wildly fluttering about. There were also a devil that appeared at the center of the purple light, the source of the devilish Qi.

The devil had a malevolent face anda horn growing out of its forehead, bearing a striking resemblance to the two-headed four-armed devil. However, his body appeared to be purely human, and his skin appeared to be smooth and translucent as finely carved jade.

At that moment, the devil had his eyes closed and displayed no trace of emotion as if were asleep. But what was strange was how thunderous roars occasionally escaped from his abdomen despite clearly have his mouth shut. From this sound along, it appeared as if the devil was furious, but his face was completely still.

The devil’s arms were mechanically flinging balls of of pitch-black flames down to the green cloud below. The balls of flame moved stiffly as if they were slowed down.

But in contrast to their unremarkable appearance, these black fireballs released thirty-meter-wide waves of flame upon rupturing, scattering away most of the green clouds that were nearby.

However, Wei Wuya’s green cloud of poison wasn’t to be underestimated. It trembled several times before launching a counterattack to eliminate the black fireballs, a continuous barrage of countless snakes made from green poisonous Qi. However, this was done in vain as they all ruptured in midair before they could reach the devil within the purple light.

As a result, green clouds, weird radiance, and black devilish flames intertwined and occasionally released explosions in the air.

Soon, Ancestor Linghu arrived at Han Li’s side and saw the devil in the air. With an expression of surprise, he happily said, “What’s going on here? The devil seems to have not yet awaken, or maybe the body is under some sort of restriction? Anyways, this a great opportunity.”

Han Li shook his head. As he continued to survey his surroundings, he said, “If it were so easy,

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