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While studying the crude map, Han Li saw that it appeared roughly similar to Devilfall Valley. However, there were a few particular areas on the map that were thoroughly marked, detailing those sections of the valley as well as the nearby topography of the marked locations.

Han Li was able to locate his own position with regards to the areas that were marked, but he was far too distant from them and was unsure of the dangers that lay ahead.

Han Li muttered to himself for a moment before putting away the map and shaking his head. He knew that the map was certain to contain some important secrets, but he couldn’t afford any distractions before he acquired the Spirit Kindle Fruit; it was of tantamount importance. Silvermoon seemed to guess what Han Li was thinking and said little further.

Han Li flipped his hand and took out the jade box he just acquired before placing it inside the bamboo tube he wore on his back. Han Li then said with an indifferent tone, “Many materials required to craft the Sevenflame Fan should’ve gone extinct or disappeared long ago. Perhaps Senior can find some substitutions that can be acquired in the current cultivation world with his material equivalence knowledge. If I end up truly able to refine this treasure, I will hold you in the highest esteem.”

After a time of silence, the Monarch of Soul Divergence coldly laughed and answered, “Youngster, do you think I’m an idiot? Although I am quite interested in the Divine Spirit Treasure, I’m not about to research the refinement method without a reason. Don’t tell me you think I’m going to do that for some simple praise.”

Han Li didn’t appear surprised. Instead, he coldly replied, “Divine Spirit Treasures aren’t easily refined. Although I do know that you are knowledgeable of material equivalence, I am not confident whether or not you can truly do this. But if you do succeed, I will spare no effort to fulfill any of your requests. Will that satisfy you?”

When he heard this, the Monarch of Soul Divergence paused before coldly snorting. With an arrogant tone, he said, “In the past, I had found a few materials for Divine Spirit Treasures in some ancient cultivator ruins and learned of these world-defying treasures. As these treasures were something held in reverence by ancient cultivators, I grew quite curious and took particular note of them. Unfortunately, there was too little information on Divine Spirit Treasures and I wasn’t able to make any progress on them. Now that I’ve become neither human nor ghost, I don’t wish to spend my remaining years of life on this task only for it to be in vain. Moreover, I will only be looking for a few substitute materials. I won’t be doing something as difficult as creating a new method to refine them. And when I am done, don’t forget that I will have a demand for you.”

“Fine. I agree.” Han Li agreed with a beaming smile.

Since he had the genius who founded the Great Development Arts at his disposal, Han Li di

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