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Han Li nodded to Ancestor Linghu and turned to Violet Spirit and said, “Your cultivation is too low for you to be of any help. Rather, you should escape with your life while you can. Don’t worry, since we’re all fighting this beast, he shouldn’t have the chance to attack you.” As a result of their friendship, Han Li immediately told Violet Spirit to leave as he couldn’t afford to look after her in the coming battle.

Violet Spirit hesitated for a moment before obediently nodding. “Very well. Then I shall be taking my leave. Brother Han take care of yourself!” Violet Spirit spoke softly and took a glance at “Marquis Nanlong” down below and a deep look at Ancestor Linghu’s before flying off.

At that moment, Marquis Nanlong simply glanced at her in the distance before refocusing his gaze on Han Li. It was unknown whether he simply felt Violet Spirit to be too unworthy of an opponent or that he felt that three Nascent Soul cultivators were troublesome to deal with.

Seeing that Marquis Nanlong was glaring at him, Han Li’s expression sank and he raised his hand, summoning several dense arcs of golden lightning around his arm. Thunder repeatedly clapped as lightning lit up around his arm in a brilliant display.

Given the fearsome of this Elder Devil, Han Li had no intention of probing his abilities and decided to immediately attack with the Divine Devilbane Lightning, legendary for its ability to suppress all things wicked and evil. In truth, Han Li was somewhat disappointed that he never had the chance to test its effectiveness against a devil’s wicked technique. Although this Elder Devil may be formidable, Han Li was confident in the lightning’s ability to suppress him.

When Marquis Nanlong saw the golden lightning bouncing off Han Li’s arm, his eyes narrowed.

As he stared at Han Li, he eventually spoke with an icy tone, “I recognize you from the remnant memories of this body’s previous owner. Although I don’t know the specific details, this body’s previous owner had a particularly fearsome impression of you. I now see that impression was correct. Not only did you evade my ambush, but you are able to control the Divine Devilbane Lightning that had caused us to suffer so much in the past. It seems like I’ll have to expend quite a bit of effort to deal with you.”

When Han Li heard this, a trace of a cold smile appeared on his lips and the arcs of golden light on his arm surged with greater power. At that same time, he flung his sleeve and a small blue shield appeared in front of him. It revolved around him before transforming into a barrier of blue light.

Seeing that Han Li took the initiative to act first and defend himself against Marquis Nanlong, Ancestor Linghu and the white-clothed woman glanced at each other with joy. Han Li’s current reputation was quite great and he was an existence on par with late Nascent Soul cultivators. As a result, they each sent a voice transmission to each other and slowly moved forward i

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