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As the flood dragon’s roar faded away, its image spiralled once more in the air before disappearing into Han Li’s back. Crimson light glowed behind him as the image of a three-inch-long crimson flood dragon began to roam across his body with a vivid lifelike nature.

Han Li’s body began to pulse with crimson light and thumb-sized sparkling crimson scales appeared all over him. Following a sharp pain from the top of his head, a small scarlet horn appeared, and his hands turned incredibly hard and his fingers became pointed and incisively sharp.

At first glance, Han Li’s new form appeared similar to that of the Elder Devil trapped in the sword formation. However, Han Li’s face remained human and the scales were only present on the rest of his body. As for the Elder Devil’s head, both of its heads appeared malevolent and had purple scales. Han Li’s use of the Spirit Subjugation Talisman had also boosted his true essence with the power of the flood dragon’s soul and raised his cultivation to the border between the early and mid Nascent Soul stages.

With his body glowing with both azure and red light, he grabbed the Blood Devil Sword with both his hands and poured the entirety of his magic power into it. The sword began to intensely tremble and violently pulsed with crimson light before expanding to three meters in length, filling the air with the putrid smell of blood. As for Han Li’s red horn, it glowed a brilliant crimson as a result of using the power of the flood dragon’s soul to its greatest extent.

With the minor Elder Devil trapped inside the sword formation, Han Li had resolved himself to prevent the main Elder Devil from rescuing his counterpart and fusing into one to bring forth an even greater adversary.

But with the main devil’s speed, it would arrive before the sword formation had closed on the minor devil and finished it off. Han Li’s only choice was be to personally slay the minor devil. Once this was done, he would flee, as there was no way he could withstand the might of the main Elder Devil.

Although there would be dire consequences from using the Blood Devil Sword, including great damage to his true essence, Han Li had already decided that he wouldn’t be involved in this battle much longer. With the minor devil slain, he would immediately flee and let the other cultivators deal with the stronger devil. Otherwise, he might experience permanent damage to his cultivation.

Given that he would have slain one of the devils by himself, the other cultivators surely wouldn’t have any complaints.

But at that moment, the Blood Devil Sword seemed to be insatiable. In the blink of an eye, it had already consumed a majority of what Han Li’s cultivation could offer. The sword’s crimson light continuously pulsed and now extended to over twenty meters in length and condensed an even more powerful aura, much to Han Li’s shock.

When the minor Elder Devil saw this, he rigidly stared at the light extending from the

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