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At the bottom of a steep three-kilometer tall cliff, there was a small cave that the party had just emerged from not long ago. After glancing at everything in front of him, Han Li couldn’t help but wear a peculiar expression and mutter, “This is the valley depths?”

Marquis Nanlong and Lu Weiying stood side by side as they gazed at the scene before them, both wearing odd expressions. There was a huge mountain range before them with countless mountains of varying sizes that stretched as far as the eye could see. Additionally, the world that surrounded them had areas glowing with rainbow light, both in the sky and on the earth.

The areas of rainbow light varied in size, with some reaching several kilometers in size and covering the sky, while others were only about a meter wide and shined weakly, but in any case, all of them were extremely beautiful. What caused Han Li and his party members to be astonished were not the clouds of light, but the chaotic nature of the spiritual Qi around them. Regardless of the attribute, the Qi mingled together and gave people a feeling of immense unease as if the very world would lash out at them with a single wrong move.

Marquis Nanlong sighed after collecting his thoughts and said, “This is definitely where the ancient cultivators fought. The worldly spiritual Qi is thoroughly destroyed here and as a result, it will have an influence on all of our techniques.”

Han Li wryly smiled and pointed to the sky, saying, “That is only a secondary concern. That’s what is going to be most troublesome.”

About a kilometer above them in the sky, there was a group of over ten foot-long arcs of white light floating there. Marquis Nanlong and Lu Weiying were greatly startled when they clearly saw what they were.

Lu Weiying shouted in astonishment, “How can there be so many spatial tears? And how can they wander?”

Marquis Nanlong’s expression also grew unsightly.

After noticing Marquis Nanlong’s change in expression, Han Li chuckled and said, “This should be expected. Since this was the battleground of ancient cultivators, there should be more spatial tears here compared to the outside. Why else would so many Nascent Soul cultivators have entered only to never return? We can only rely on Master Cang Kun’s map regarding the path forward or else...”

“Brother Han’s words do make sense. We definitely can’t take any risks and tread off the recorded path. Else, we may encounter some invisible spatial tears there. However, there is still much to fear from the wandering spatial tears, but so long as we pay attention to them, they shouldn’t pose much danger.” After saying this, Marquis Nanlong regained his composure.

Lu Weiying tensely frowned as he stared at another area filled with spatial tears. He pensively mentioned, “However, the number of these spatial tears is over ten times greater than that on the outside. Your words only apply if the invisible spatial tears don’t wander as well. If the inv

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