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The city nearest to the Chang Province was named Birchleaf City. It was thousands of kilometers from the Myriad Link Mountains, but there were cultivators unwilling to sleep outside and they decided to sleep in the city instead. This had scared off the small sect originally occupying the city and made them flee back to the sect’s mountain.

Although there were many cultivators gathering there, there were many inns in the city as well. There were no problems for them finding accommodations.

Among these inns, was a somewhat mediocre one by the name of the Good Fortune Tavern. There were two groups of cultivators checked in there, with each one staying in a different wing of the courtyard.

In one of the rooms, there were three people sitting around a wooden table and discussing something. These three were all young and beautiful female cultivators. They were Violet Spirit and Mei Ning, who Han Li had last seen at Skyfirst City, and the third woman was the white-robed woman surnamed Song.

At the moment, Violet Spirit was concealing her true appearance under the guise of a common female cultivator with only a slight beauty.

The three were softly discussing something with a serious expression. The walls around them glowed with white light as if under a restriction that prevented them from being eavesdropped on.

Violet Spirit frowned and asked with a worried tone, “Big Sister Song, you still haven’t received word from Brother Han? It won’t be long before the miasma clears entirely. If Brother Han doesn’t appear, we will miss the best time to enter Devilfall Valley.”

Cultivator Song smiled and said, “Little Sister Violet Spirit, you might not know this, but despite Martial Senior Cheng’s proclamation that Martial Uncle Han had suffered injuries, I had learned in truth that he actually journeyed to the Far West. Although I don’t know what business he has there, the journey there and back should take a year at the very least. He won’t be returning here in a hurry. Besides, there are still several months left. I’ve left behind the location for where to contact us back at the sect. Once he returns, he will immediately seek us out. We just have to hope that he arrives on time. It’s not as if there are cultivators in the Far West that can hold down Martial Uncle Han Li.”

Reminded of the matter of the Umbra Realm, Violet Spirit couldn’t help but say, “That is hard to say. Even if Fellow Daoist Han’s cultivation is profound, there are matters that can’t be resolved with a powerful cultivation.” Then with a flicker of her eyes, she continued, “Big Sister Song, now that you’ve mentioned Martial Uncle Han, it seems you now speak of Brother Han with great respect. When you spoke of him before, you didn’t hold him in such high esteem.” With that said, Violet Spirit wore a mysterious smile.

Cultivator Song faintly blushed but she soon regained her calm. “If Little Violet Spirit is also capable of slaying a cultivator at the peak of

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