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After spending the night in the forest, Han Li withdrew the Sovereign Devil Corpse and made his way to the Myriad Link Mountains.

Before he sought out Violet Spirit and the others the day before, he hadn’t discovered traces of the Heavenpeak Sect disciples. As a result, he continued to hold onto the medallion that the Heavenpeak Elder had given him but hadn’t had a chance to use it. It was also out of the question to seek out Marquis Nanlong. It seemed the Heavenpeak Sect had either found another area of residence or that they hadn’t even arrived yet.

Han Li wasn’t worried about this and instead prepared a temporary place to stay nearby the mountains and refine a few Core Formations stage puppets in the downtime. With the Yin Yang Rings in his possession, he reckoned Marquis Nanlong would take the initiative to seek him out.

As of current, Han Li faintly realized that the Greatnorth Essence Light wasn’t something that existed outside of the entrance to the valley. Most of it appeared at the entrance of the valley. Were this not the case, the Ghost Spirit Sect wouldn’t have the ability to take several hundreds of cultivators simultaneously into the valley, regardless of how skilled they may be.

As these thoughts appeared in Han Li’s mind, he flew in a streak of azure light and calmly went forward. With his speed, he was able to fly tens of kilometers away after only a short moment. Less than half a day later, he arrived near the Myriad Link Mountains.

He had heard that there were several market cities that had recently opened nearby the Myriad Link Mountains and decided to pay a visit to them along the way and collect a few materials for refining puppets. Additionally, Han Li had acquired quite a few rare materials after the war with the Moulan in exchange for their ancient heritage lantern that he had seized during the battle.

Those materials were nearly priceless and would allow Han Li to craft an amazing quantity of high-grade puppets. As such, he would only be purchasing a few basic puppet materials while inside the city.

As for the materials needed to refine the ancient Nascent Soul stage puppets, the Thousand Bamboo School in the Far West had managed to gather three of the materials, but they were still missing a material known as the Blood Phoenix Wood.

The material was a rarely seen peak grade tool refining material. Although it wasn’t as nearly difficult to acquire as the Auric Essence, it was also impossible to find in markets. One would only be able to come across it as a matter of luck. Fortunately, Han Li had already ordered the Drifting Cloud Sect to be on the lookout for the appearance of such a material. If they acquired any information, they were to directly notify him. It would only be a matter of time before he acquired it, but not before he entered Devilfall Valley.

Suddenly, Han Li’s expression stirred and he came to a sudden stop. Not far away from him, there was a surge of spiritual Qi f

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