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The two-headed Elder Devil sinisterly laughed and his body disappeared in a blur of wind.

The Sovereign Devil Corpse who stood motionlessness in front of Han Li suddenly snarled and its arms suddenly moved, releasing countless green streaks with its claws in front of it.

Black light flickered and the Elder Devil appeared in front of the barrage of green claw streaks.

A harsh expression appeared on the devil’s ghost face and he swept one of his arms, sudden the green streaks suddenly grew denser and the striking sounds of the claws tearing through wind erupted in front of the devil. When the two sides made contacted, black light easily tore apart the green streaks and his arm had strangely grown a meter longer as he pierced his hand into the Sovereign Devil Corpse as if it were made of metal.

He withdrew his fingers and left behind a bloody bowl-sized hole that gushed out with putrid black blood.

While this wound would prove lethal to ordinary cultivators, to a Cadaver Demon, this merely caused for pain. It only served to stir it into a violent rage. Not only did it not retreat, but three meter-long spikes suddenly emerged from its arm, piercing towards the Elder Devil.

The devil soul yelped in surprise as the Sovereign Devil Corpse was far more tenacious than he had expected and the newly appeared spikes had astonished him, but soon the devil sneered and two of his arms blurred towards his chest. As soon as the three spikes emerged, they were firmly caught by his hands clad in jet-black armor. And with an evil grin on his face, he squeezed his hand and began to twist the spikes.

Before the Sovereign Devil Corpse’s claws were split into two, a tri-colored insect cloud suddenly appeared and swarmed around the devil. This astonishing development at such a close distance had greatly shocked the Elder Devil despite the devilish arts he had employed around him.

Just as the insect cloud was cover him, a fierce expression appeared on the devil’s face. He suddenly opened his mouth and spat out black waves to sweep up the tri-colored beetle cloud in front of him.

A strange scene resulted from this. The black waves swept across the black-tainted Gold Devouring Beetles and they were slowed down in the slightest. They merely released muffled bangs and ruptured one by one, filling the air with bloody bits.

This was to be expected, black-tainted Gold Devouring Beetles were nowhere as durable as the purely golden beetles, and the strengthened Elder Devil’s devilish soundwaves destroyed them completely.

Then, the Sovereign Devil Corpse raised its other hand.

The devil’s expression grimaced in impatience and he blurred from sight once more, suddenly appearing behind the Sovereign Devil Corpse and easily punched forward with his jet-black hand.

These actions appeared slow but just as the corpse puppet turned around, the fist had met its face. In that same moment, foot-long jet-black spikes of bone shot out from

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