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Lu Weiying finished his incantation and pointed to the spell flag. Trembling, the flag suddenly unfolded, shining with a blinding light. Gusts of wind repeatedly blew around it like a storm, eventually gathering enough force to condense into ten or so white wind dragons, all rushing towards the mist with overbearing momentum.

As for Marquis Nanlong’s huge golden sword, it shot out with a hum and began to revolve above the mist. It seemed Marquis Nanlong was planning to wait for the mist to disperse before striking at the ancient beast with a thunderous blow the moment it appeared.

Han Li silently flung out his sleeve, summoning a small bell that flashed with silver light and flew off into the distance in a flash of light.

The wind dragons seemed to race each other as they struck headfirst into the mist. The grey mist roiled for a spell before being torn apart by a tornado from within.

However, the dispersion of the mist only lasted for a moment before a strange hiss filled the air and a muffled boom resounded through the mist. A huge snake tail swatted one of the wind dragons from the mist and dispersed the tornado.

Then with two more thuds, the snake tail easily smashed into two more wind dragons and threw them from the mist.

When Lu Weiying saw this, he was shocked and immediately grasped his hands in a strange incantation gesture, uttering, “Explode!” The remaining wind dragons suddenly flashed with white light and ruptured.

The explosive winds devastated the mist, scattering most of it with ferocious gales and revealing the monster within.

The snake was currently coiled up and appeared to be the size of a mountain. With its body now revealed, Marquis Nanlong’s golden sword took the opportunity to silently strike at it.

As this occurred, Han Li shot a spell seal at the silver bell. In a brilliant flash of light, the bell suddenly grew three meters tall. With a clear ring, a silver wave suddenly rushed out from the shining bell and moved to engulf the huge python in a joint attack with the huge golden sword.

The python was slow to react and simply lowered its head into its coiled cody in response to the attacks, remaining still.

Marquis Nanlong was overjoyed by the sight of this, and poured even more spiritual power into his sword, slightly enlarging it. But before the golden sword could strike, a layer of green light suddenly enveloped the python’s body without warning.

A huge boom sounded out as golden and green lights intertwined, but soon the green light overwhelmed the golden sword and repelled it. As that happened, the three cultivators were shocked.

Immediately after the golden sword was repelled, the silver soundwave struck the python’s barrier but was scattered without effort. The two successive attacks seemed to have awakened it as it slowly withdrew its head to look at Han Li and the others.

By this time, the grey mist had already cleanly scattered and the huge python had reve

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