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“I am only doing this because I am certain it will work,” Han Li mysteriously smiled and continued, “Could it be that Lady Violet Spirit doesn’t want to take any risks for the Spirit Kindle Fruit?”

Violet Spirit’s clear eyes flickered for a moment before she sweetly smiled and said,

“According to what I know of you, Brother Han definitely wouldn’t take any risks unless he were absolutely certain. It seems you have a secret technique that allows you to see through the invisible spatial tears. As such, I will respectfully follow your suggestion.” Then with a blur, she boarded the Wind Riding Chariot.

Han Li glanced at the woman with a trace of surprise but wordlessly commanded the chariot forward regardless. In the blink of an eye, the chariot tore through the air in a streak of white light and flew through the passage.

According to Han Li’s predictions, it would take less than half a day of travelling across this wasteland before they caught up to the party of Ghost Spirit Sect disciples. When Han Li and Violet Spirit finally caught up to them, they saw that Elder Zhong’s party was encountering some mishaps. Due to a mistake of a Ghost Spirit Sect disciple, a nearby ancient restriction had been activated and they were currently occupied with trying to save themselves.

With Han Li’s spiritual sense and caution, Elder Zhong wasn’t able to discover any trace of them. Rather, Han Li was able to use his powerful spiritual sense to observe them from a distance without detection.

Han Li clearly felt that the spiritual Qi fluctuations of the ancient restriction weren’t very strong. With their mid Nascent Soul-stage Elder Zhong, the Ghost Spirit Sect cultivators wouldn’t be trapped for long.

However, this small period of delay was a golden opportunity for Han Li to gain distance on them.

Han Li urged the Wind Riding Chariot forward and steeled his heart, veering off the original route. Not long after, he avoided several spatial tears on the way and left the Ghost Spirit Sect cultivators far behind. With Violet Spirit by his side, the two arrived at a sparkling emerald green mountain range. Han Li’s mind stirred when he saw it and he ordered the Wind Riding Chariot to slowly come to a stop.

“It should be here. Do you see the mountain that resembles a flying bird? That’s the sign.” Violet Spirit spoke with a tone of excitement upon seeing the mountains. At that same moment, she couldn’t help but look in Han Li’s direction.

In truth, although Violet Spirit said she held complete confidence in Han Li, she still felt a lump in her throat when the Wind Riding Chariot traveled at lightning speed. It came as a surprise to her that Han Li’s route was completely safe. They had avoided any spatial tears or ancient restrictions that may have laid along the way.

Completely unbeknownst to her, Han Li also felt quite lucky. While he was able to see through spatial tears with his Brightsight Spirit Eyes, it was quite lucky tha

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