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Although Marquis Nanlong sounded calm, he stared at the medicine herbs with intense desire, wishing with all his heart to grab them. They were exactly what they both needed. Now that they were so close at hand, Marquis Nanlong and Lu Weiying found their excitement and greed to be nearly irrepressible.

Just as Marquis Nanlong entered the room, he immediately caught sight of the medicine herbs and immediately reached for the herbs, but he hadn’t expected for such a strange spell formation to exist there. As a result, he was repelled by a strong force and was forced to wait for Lu Weiying to catch up to him.

When he heard Lu Weiying mention the name Sanctuary Guardian Formation, Marquis Nanlong felt his spirit shake with joy. When he encountered the restriction, he sensed that it was far different from any formation he had researched in the past, much to his worry. It was quite relieving that Lu Weiying knew it was.

Marquis Nanlong forcefully stifled his excitement and asked, “Brother Lu, you know of this restriction?”

“In the past, I had acquired some cultivation records from a few Buddhist sects. Although I wasn’t able to cultivate their techniques, I did research a few of their spell formations. The Minor Sanctuary Guardian Formation was amongst the most amazing of them. Brother Nanlong, if it is truly that formation, it will be extremely troublesome.” Lu Weiying glanced at the table and began to frown.

Marquis Nanlong spoke with a tone of disbelief, “What do you mean? Could it be that the spell formation cannot be broken?”

Lu Weiying wore a solemn expression and explained, “This Minor Sanctuary Guardian Formation is an Immortal isolating formation. It is one of the few restrictions in this world that can only be broken with brute force; there are no other ways of shattering it. We will need to continuously unleash a variety of attacks against the spell formation without end. Although its defensive abilities aren’t above that of others, the spell formation is incredibly durable and will quickly restore itself unless it is completely destroyed. It is well deserving of being a Buddhist spell formation given its tenacious nature.”

As if verifying what he had just said, Lu Weiying waved his hand and shot a fireball at the table ten meters in front of him. With a bang, the fireball exploded and disappeared before it even touched it.

A layer of spiritual light condensed above the table and golden light brightly shined. Small strings of ancient talisman characters appeared on the barrier, resembling little silver flowers.

Marquis Nanlong’s expression grew sullen. Having seen this before, he didn’t appear particularly alarmed.

“Yi! What’s this?” Lu Weiying cried out in alarm. Marquis Nanlong unconsciously looked at him, seeing that he was currently staring at a portion of the golden barrier with an expression of amazement.

In his astonishment, spiritual light flickered from Marquis Nanlong’s eyes as he attemp

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