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When Marquis Nanlong and Lu Weiying saw Han Li taking out the Yin Yang Ring, they immediately blurred and appeared close behind him wearing solemn expressions. It appeared they wanted Han Li to take the lead.

Han Li held the ring in his hand and blew a mist of azure essence Qi onto it. In a flicker of black light, the azure Qi was cleanly absorbed by the ring. Afterwards, it flew above Han Li’s head and remained still as it floated above him.

Han Li raised his hand and struck the ring with a spell seal. The Yin Yang Ring trembled and it began to fluctuate in size before growing to about twenty meters wide.

“Go!” Han Li pointed at the ring and uttered the command. Releasing a strange hum, the huge ring began to spring forward.

Marquis Nanlong and Lu Weiying gazed at the following scene with a solemn expression. As the huge ring came across the countless lines of light floating in the air, an inconceivable scene occurred.

The lines of light rippled like disturbed water. In the instant that the huge ring tread across the lights, it flickered with black light and caused the lines of light to distort around it, creating a passageway through them.

When the party saw this, they all smiled with relief.

However, Han Li was still curious about the might of the Greatnorth Essence Lights. After some thought, he slapped his storage pouch and took out a blue fist-sized pearl, a top grade defensive magic tool that he had acquired in the past.

Holding it in his hand, Han Li poured a bit of spiritual power into it causing a blue light barrier to surge around it. With a flip of his hand, the pearl shot forward. As soon as the pearl of blue light entered the Greatnorth Essence Lights, the silver lines flocked towards it as if they had seen prey.

These fine lines penetrated through the blue light pearl from every angle as if nothing were there. A short moment later, the silver lines sparked and the pearl combusted, leaving behind a beautiful sparkle that eventually faded away to reveal the silver lines that remained.

Han Li narrowed his eyes and his fellow party members turned sullen at the sight.

Han Li’s expression remained normal and he waved his hand. The huge ring flew back above them and silently dropped down, covering them on all sides. Afterwards, a barrier of black light emerged from the ring and enveloped the three cultivators.

“Let’s go!” With that said, Han Li walked forward and began to move the Yin Yang Ring.

Marquis Nanlong and Lu Weiying didn’t dare to delay the slightest bit while inside the barrier and closely followed after Han Li. Although the ring did offer protection against the Greatnorth Essence Lights, they didn’t dare to raise any additional defenses and risk provoking them. As for Han Li, he maintained a calm appearance, but he still felt somewhat worried.

Once the huge ring entered the Greatnorth Essence Lights, the lights parted away as expected and they made way for the black lig

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