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The Heavenly South Continent’s State of Dongyu is one of the few rare countries that didn’t belong to any of the Continent’s four superpowers. This wasn't because the country was too small or that it was lacking in resources. Rather, the country’s size and wealth of cultivation resources placed it among the top ten countries in the Heavenly South.

The reason why the State of Dongyu was unaffiliated with any of the four superpowers was due to its location.

Apart from the Nine Nations Union who was too far away, the country shared a close border at the center of the three other superpowers.

As for the country’s cultivator sects, their histories and affiliations were varied as well. There were Righteous and Devil Dao sects as well as a few small leisurely sects. But most important of all were the native sects that couldn’t be suppressed by any other power. They became the deciding factor that prevented the State of Dongyu from being influenced by the other superpowers.

None of the three neighbouring superpowers wished to relinquish control of the country and they continuously conducted their own maneuvers, both covert and open, but to little effect. In the end, there was only a vague agreement between the three superpowers that they would not interfere with the country and had the State of Dongyu become a neutral territory.

Of course, the various native sects of the country had secretly received backing from the three superpowers, forcibly maintaining a balance of power. This led to various cultivators gathering in this neutral country, causing it to flourish for some time.

In the State of Dongyu’s northern Chang Province, there was a depression that took up two-thirds of its land. The majority of the depression was covered in dense forest, and there was an unbroken mountain range that spanned tens of thousands of kilometers at its center, known as the Myriad Link Mountain Range by the locals.

No one truly knew if the mountain range consisted of ten thousand mountains, but it still had an abundance of demon beasts and rare medicines. However, no cultivators dare to rashly enter the mountains.

The Myriad Link Mountain Range was known by a far more sinister name in the Heavenly South cultivation world, the Devilfall Domain. And somewhere hidden in the mountain range lay the most dangerous area in the Heavenly South — Devilfall Valley.

Ever since Devilfall Valley came into existence, countless vastly powerful cultivators entered the valley in search of treasure, but the veil of mystery and death that surrounded it over the years prevented anyone from treading too closely.

Of course, its fearsome reputation alone hadn’t stopped cultivators from extracting the mountain’s resources. That was due to the miasma that would occasionally sweep across the mountains and seal it off for years at the time, perhaps as a result of Devilfall Valley’s influence.

Not only was the miasma incredibly toxic, but it was also as

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