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Just like how Han Li had created his own interim cave residence, the Heavenpeak Sect’s Elder Lu’s cave residence was the same.

After Han Li walked through a sixty-meter-long passageway, he arrived at the cave residence’s main hall, a stone room that was over twenty meters wide. A grey-robed old man with a friendly face and a middle-aged man with a tall hat were both waiting for him.

The grey-robed old man smiled and said, “Fellow Daoist Han, you’ve finally arrived.”

“Brother Han has kept us waiting for quite a while. We’ve sent people to look for you for amonth already. It’s a pity that you were so well hidden. Since we couldn’t find even a trace of you, we thought Brother Han had changed his mind!” Marquis Nanlong bitterly smiled but a trace of happiness could be seen from his face.

“You also weren’t easy to find, given how secretive your residence was.” Han Li sighed and helplessly explained, “Not long before, I was sealed in seclusion for a time, so it was natural that you couldn’t find me.”

Just as Han Li took a seat, Marquis Nanlong wore a strange expression and said, “Brother Han is as famous as the sun is bright. Not only did you display extraordinary skill in the battle at the border, but I heard you slew a mid Nascent Soul Elder from a Jin Empire Devil Sect. You must’ve spent quite a bit of effort to conceal your abilities.”

Unwilling to reveal the entire truth, Han Li shook his head and vaguely said, “It isn’t as if Brother Nanlong hadn’t seen my abilities before. If I truly possessed such incredible abilities, I wouldn’t have had to flusteredly flee from the Moulan Plains. My current fame is only a matter of luck. Speaking of matters of luck, it’s because of luck that I managed to appear before you today.”

When Elder Lu and Marquis Nanlong heard Han Li, they couldn't help but look at each other with doubt. With their spiritual sense, they were able to clearly sense that Han Li’s cultivation was only at early Nascent Soul stage. Likewise, they knew that Han Li was unordinary, but the two still found it hard to believe that he was able to slay a devil cultivator at the peak of mid Nascent Soul stage. However, all the rumors about Han Li were widely spread and spoke of his amazing feats, much to the bewilderment of the two mid Nascent Soul cultivators.

Marquis Nanlong dryly laughed and said with an ironic tone, “Hehe! Fellow Daoist Han is far too modest. To tell the truth, the greater your abilities, the better it will be when we enter Devilfall Valley. We look forward to witnessing the power of a cultivator on par with the three Great Heavenly South Cultivators.”

When Han Li heard this, he silently smiled and said nothing further, wishing to drop the matter.

Elder Lu then spoke with a solemn voice, “Brother Han, since you’ve sought us out, it seems you’ve put some thought into our proposition. Are you willing to enter the valley with us and kill the Ancient Flame Toad together?” Once the old man

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