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The Elder Devil didn’t anticipate that the huge sword was made of Golden Lightning Bamboo. In his alarm, he hastily fled. In a flicker of black light, he appeared over thirty meters away and the condensed Bamboo Cloudswarm Sword missed its mark.

The devil stopped and his expression suddenly turned sullen. He clapped his four hands together and condensed two balls of black radiance. The black light flickered and the two balls of light transformed into two humming black lances.

The devil grinded his fangs together and slat out two clouds of blood essence onto the black lances. They suddenly trembled and turned blood-red. With this done, the devil’s two heads appeared somewhat listless as if having consumed a large amount of strength.

At that moment, the huge azure sword reappeared above the devil’s ghost head and chopped down without hesitation.

The Elder Devil raised his arms and launched both of the blood-red lances towards the cleaving sword. Two deafening booms sounded out as crimson radiance and golden lightning overlapped; the lances held firm against the huge sword and its Divine Devilbane Lightning.

Soon, the huge sword released a long wail and spun away several times as it was pushed back over ten meters. Light violently fickered from the sword and it became much dimmer.

Han Li’s complexion turned blood-red from his connection with the sword and pale in another moment before soon returning to normal. The sword had suffered damage from its spiritual nature and his soul had received of this damage as a result. Fortunately, his soul was immensely powerful and this level of damage wasn’t enough to influence him.

However, Han Li didn’t dare to allow this to continue and he pointed to the huge sword. With a humming ring, it transformed into several tens of azure streaks, flying back towards his body.

Seeing that the swords began to fly back, the devil harshly shouted, “Escaping? Those swords will be staying behind!” Then he waved at the crimson lances and in a flash of radiance, the crimson lances transformed into two crimson hands. They quickly chased after the swords with wind shrieking behind them.

Since he saw Han Li recklessly released so many of his Golden Lightning Bamboo magic treasures, he naturally couldn’t allow Han Li to easily retrieve them. He then spun and surrounded himself in a large cloud of devilish Qi before shooting after them in close pursuit.

When Han Li saw this, he inwardly rejoiced, but betrayed none of this emotion on his face.

When Senior Martial Brother Cheng saw this, he felt ill at ease standing idle and he summoned a small yellow sword in his hand, intending on providing Han Li some support.

Before he launched his flying sword, he suddenly heard a voice transmission from Han Li, “Senior Martial Brother Cheng, there is no need to act now. Wait until after the devil is trapped!” The old man was stunned by this and after some thought, he immediately stopped his action

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