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“There is no need to be so impatient. Since the plant has existed here for so many years, it is possible that there is something guarding it, or it would’ve already been consumed. Even with the illusion formation protecting it.” Despite his excitement, Han Li maintained a calm exterior as he spoke.

“Brother Han means to say that there could be an ancient beast guarding it?” Alarmed, Violet Spirit regained clarity of mind. Han Li had previously mentioned a bit about the ancient beasts found in the valley.

“That’s right. Do you see the two snapped branches at the top of the tree? Two of the fruits should’ve already been consumed by the ancient beast guarding it. Although it will not raise one’s cultivation realm when unrefined, it will still have some effect on breaking through a bottleneck. That should be why the fruits still haven’t been entirely consumed.”

There was no doubt that if the creature was nearby, it would be hidden in the lake.

Ever since Han Li had entered the valley depths with Violet Spirit, he had taken the cloak off of his head. He figured she would’ve already guessed that he possessed the ability to avoid spatial tears after he drove the Wind Riding Chariot, so he hadn’t bothered to hide it.

Having discovered nothing after sweeping his spiritual sense across the lake, he looked at it with glowing blue eyes; his gaze penetrated a hundred meters into the depths of the pond and his expression stirred.

Staring at Han Li’s face, Violet Spirit noticed his change of expression and frowned, asking, “What? Has Brother Han discovered something?”

With a calm expression, he turned his head to Violet Spirit and said, “Step back. The ancient beast guarding the fruit seems to be troublesome. It will take a bit of effort before I can dispose of it.” The fact that the beast was able to evade the notice of his spiritual sense left a deep impression on Han Li.

“Then I must thank Brother Han for his trouble!” Knowing that her own abilities were lacking, she could only rely on Han Li and tactfully obeyed. She then flew back a hundred meters and motionlessly floated in the air.

Once Han Li saw Violet Spirit step aside, he reached to his waist and tossed three spirit beast pouches in the air. Then with an incantation gesture, he summoned tens of thousands of Gold Devouring Beetles to fill the sky around him and blot out the sun. Golden light flashed across a hundred meters in the sky.

“Ah!” When Violet Spirit saw this, she couldn’t help but yelp in shock.

She knew of Han Li’s insects and even witnessed him using them in Heavenvoid Hall and in his battle against the disciple of Archsaint Six Paths. However, the Gold Devouring Beetles as of current had undergone a massive change in color, viciousness, and numbers.

The sudden appearance of these tens of thousands of immensely intimidating insects released an unordinary pressure that left her in awe.

Han Li paid no attention to Violet Spirit’s shock an

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