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The scholarly man’s silhouette disappeared in the blink of an eye, much to the astonishment of everyone nearby.

Wei Wuya paused and said, “Sect Master Wang, is that person truly Master Cang Kun? Since this person only has a little bit of essence remaining, he can’t pose much of a threat, regardless of how fearful he may have been in the past. Was he the one who told you about the Spirit Ether Garden?”

Wang Tiansheng’s face had relaxed when he heard that the spatial tear was something that had newly appeared. He then turned to Wei Wuya and said, “To start with, we can say that he both is Master Cang Kun and is not Master Cang Kun. And yes, everything we know about the Spirit Ether Garden came from him.”

“What do you mean? There is no need to keep it a mystery.” Wei Wuya said with an annoyed tone.

Wang Tiansheng indifferently explained, “Brother Wei misunderstands. The portrait soul you witnessed was the scattered soul of one of Master Cang Kun’s incarnations. When this incarnation probed into Devilfall Valley, it was destroyed by a restriction. As a result, Master Cang Kun used a soul nurturing technique to refine the soul fragment into a scroll magic tool for recovery. But now that the genuine Master Cang Kun died countless years ago, this soul incarnation has become independent. It isn’t strange to say that this soul incarnation has become a different person entirely.”

Wei Wuya expressed surprise when he heard this while Wang Tiangu pursed his lips and wryly chuckled. It wasn’t clear whether or not he was bitter about not having discovered the secret of the scroll or because of his previously excitement.

Wei Wuya nodded and coldly said, “It seems you’ve reached an agreement with that soul remnant and he’s told you about the Spirit Ether Garden. However, this has nothing to do with me. I only care about entering the garden. Now that I’ve reached this age, I only care about entering the Deity Transformation stage and ascending to the Spirit Realm.”

“Brother Wei is quite a sensible individual. This way is for the best. Alright, since the spatial tear was only an anomaly, let’s continue!” The Ghost Spirit Sect Master smiled and pointed to one of the disciples to continue leading the way.

The disciple paled when he saw this, but he continued onward nevertheless, avoiding the spatial tear in the way. Wei Wuya gradually quickened his steps and the other Ghost Spirit Sect disciples followed suit, making their way toward the huge altar in the distance.


Standing inside of a glacial area deeply layered in frost, Han Li raised his head toward the crimson light above him. He then faced Violet Spirit and said, “What’s going on? Your flying squirrel has gone mad.” Not far behind them, there was a two-hundred-meter wide ravine of ice. Han Li and Violet Spirit had passed through it to enter the valley depths.

Surrounding them now was a land of ice, snow, and the howls of bone-chilling winds. However, Han Li’s azu

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