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Han Li’s heart stirred upon hearing the Monarch of Soul Divergence’s warning and he asked, “From your tone, it seems you’ve had personal experiences dealing with Elder Devils. I thought you never entered Devilfall Valley.”

Monarch Soul Divergence snorted several times and annoyedly said, “Oh? Could it be you didn’t hear me before? I had several good friends who enter the valley. Although they all possessed exceptional abilities, only one of them was able to escape alive with their combined powers. Surely this displays the power of the Elder Devils.”

Han Li smiled and thought to ask him another question when he heard a loud roar from the ball of black Qi scuttling in the distance. Afterwards, a storm of wind was suddenly scattered away from the black Qi, revealing Marquis Nanlong.

When Ancestor Linghu and the white-clothed woman saw this, their expressions suddenly changed and they felt their blood run cold.

‘Is that human?’ They saw Marquis Nanlong emerge with two heads: one head in the front of the neck and the other smaller in the back, both of them possessing a malevolent appearance. They saw four devilish arms from his shoulders, all of them long enough to reach below his knees.

The head in front had purple scales covering its face and a several inches long white horn jutting out from its forehead. However, his nose, eyes, and other facial features were the same as before. The smaller head on his back appeared completely like that of a demon ghost.

Although this head was also horned and scaled, it had a fearsome appearance, and when it opened its jet-black lips, a foot-long black-red pointed tongue unfolded itself. It then pulled back as if it were the tongue of a snake.

But what was even more frightening was how the head’s eyes had become narrow slits that glowed with silver light. Whenever its eyes moved, it gave an inhuman feeling of unease.

Not only his head but the rest of his body was also densely covered in purple scales. His four long arms also had long, bone-like nails jutting out from each of his fingertips. When he brought them together, they all shined with silver light and appeared incredibly sharp.

Although Ancestor Linghu and the white-clothed woman felt their hearts tremble at the sight of this new fearsome form, given their rich experience as Nascent Soul cultivators, they didn’t allow themselves to be overwhelmed with fear. Instead, when they saw the Elder Devil remain still in place, they both pointed at their treasures and commanded them to attack.

A beam of rainbow light flashed out and enveloped the Elder Devil inside of it. Delighted, Ancestor Linghu took this chance to order his huge white ring to also cover him.

When the Elder Devil saw this, the expression of his front head remained blank as if it were dead, but the expression of his rear head sneered. The huge ring flashed and directly fell onto the Elder Devil’s head. The devil’s four arms then glowed with purple light

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