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Han Li’s gaze flickered. Having seen Lu Weiying’s expression, he asked, “Could it be that Brother Lu is suggesting another method to split the treasures?”

“If the jade box and medicine bottles were also ancient treasures, it wouldn’t be a problem if we each got two items. But...”

“We still don’t know what is inside the jade box or medicine bottles. Naturally, we should first take a look inside and split them in accordance to value.” Marquis Nanlong interrupted him and said something that appeared fair.

Lu Weiying frowned after he heard this, but he soon nodded and said, “I also find those terms agreeable. How about you, Fellow Daoist Han?”

“I have no objections. Let’s do that then.” Han Li replied without any further thought.

“Fellow Daoist Han speaks quite frankly. I’ll be taking a look at what is inside.” Appearing quite satisfied at Han Li’s response, Marquis Nanlong swept his hand and summoned the white box into his grasp. With a slap from his other hand, he attempted to open the box.

White light shined the moment the box opened and a layer of white light appeared from it, repelling Marquis Nanlong’s hand. “Yi! The box is under a restriction.” After muttering to himself for a moment, golden light flashed from his hand and he grabbed the box once more.

The white light blocked him once more and intertwined with the light from Marquis Nanlong’s hand, but after a short moment, the golden light sparked and he managed to forcefully open the box before the white light completely disappeared. Han Li was blinded for a moment before clearly seeing a faintly yellow jade slip within the box.

Lu Weiying wore an odd expression and Marquis Nanlong hesitated for a moment before placing the jade slip on his forehead. After sweeping through the contents of the jade slip in an instant, he wore an odd expression.

“Fellow Daoists, have a look at it!” Preventing the others from growing suspicious of him, Marquis Nanlong quickly tossed it over to Han Li. Han Li caught the jade slip and placed it against his forehead. A frown unconsciously appeared on his face a moment later and he gave the jade slip to Lu Weiying, who also quickly read through it.

Before Lu Weiying even finished reading through it, he muttered, “The Sevenflame Fan? I’ve never heard of this ancient treasure. Is it powerful?”

Marquis Nanlong mused and said, “I’m not sure, but given the difficult refinement method listed in the jade slip and the fact that it requires spirit ore, it should be quite formidable.”

Lu Weiying shook his head and returned the jade slip to Marquis Nanlong. “Even if it is powerful, it is no use. Although it details the refinement method, it requires over eighty-one fire attribute spirit materials with just as many supplementary materials. Among these are items that were long extinct from this world. The jade slip is now of little value and can only be used for research.”

Marquis Nanlong smiled and carelessly slipped the jad

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