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When Violet Spirit saw the huge mountain of ice on the verge of breaking, she paled and unconsciously turned to look at Han Li.

At the moment, Han Li appeared unperturbed and without a trace of panic. When Violet Spirit saw this, her heart steadied, knowing that he most likely had further methods to protect himself.

But to Violet Spirit’s surprise, Han Li didn’t make further use of any magic treasures or techniques. Although the blue ice mountain trembled underneath the boulders and Qi wave, it held fast and showed no further signs of breaking.

In her delight, Violet Spirit discovered that the mountain of ice wasn’t condensed from ordinary glacial Qi and was far more hardy than one would expect.

After the time it took to finish a cup of tea, the astonishing white wave of Qi eventually finished rushing past them. It continued rumbling into the distance before finally disappearing from sight.

Violet Spirit sighed, summoning her embroidered scarf back into her hand from its mist form. She looked at Han Li and puzzlingly asked, “What is that? How could Devilfall Valley possess such a thing?”

Han Li’s eyes flickered and he muttered, “I’m not sure. However, there’s something strange about the spiritual Qi that appeared in the distance. It was extremely chaotic. Could such an astonishing wave of Qi have come from a spatial tear instead of a person? However, the wave of Qi was so fearsome that the valley’s restrictions weren’t able to stop it. Nascent Soul cultivators should be able to deal with it well enough, but if that wave reached the outer valley, those Core formation cultivators would almost certainly perish.”

When Violet Spirit heard Han Li, she frowned and also used her spiritual sense to look in the direction that the Qi wave had arrived from. She was only able to sense that the spiritual Qi was somewhat abnormal since her spiritual sense wasn’t able to reach that far.

“There is something amiss. Brother Han, could it be you plan on investigating the source of this?”

Han Li hesitated for a moment and spoke with a tone of certainty, “Why would I plan on investigating it? Regardless of whether the wave was artificially made or a coincidental explosion, I don’t want to look for trouble despite how curious I may be. Let’s return to the outer valley since we’ve already fulfilled our objective. With this strange occurrence, the Ghost Spirit Sect will most likely be too occupied to find us. It’s a good opportunity to leave without being noticed.”

Afterwards, he pointed to the shield in front of him and it quickly shrank before returning into his sleeve.

As for the ice mountain, Han Li pressed his hand against its walls and blue light suddenly shined. The mountain thawed in the blink of an eye and soon, a ball of blue flame was all that remained before it returned to his palm.

When Violet Spirit saw this, she wore an expression of alarm.

Han Li raised his palm and looked at the ball of blue flame wit

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