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Under Han Li’s attentive gaze, the flying saber chopped at the stone wall in a display of blinding white radiance. Then with a slight change in expression, Lu Weiying waved his hand and recalled the flying saber.

Han Li clearly saw that the flying saber strike had left a shallow inch-long mark with faint grains of silver light floating around the area.

“That is...” Lu Weiying revealed a trace of surprise and hastily stepped forward to look at the saber mark. After carefully examining it, he muttered, “Tailstar Silver. This cave is made out of Tailstar Silver ore?”

When they heard the words Tailstar Silver, Han Li’s expression vastly changed and he also stepped forward. He extended his finger and softly stroked the slash mark, examining the dust on his finger.

Han Li had naturally heard of Tailstar Silver as it was a material that could enhance the durability of a magic treasure. Its effects were only inferior to materials as precious as refined crystal. It was no wonder that Lu Weiying’s strike barely damaged it.

Regardless of whether it be in the Scattered Star Seas or the Heavenly South Continent, it was something that was nearly extinguished.

Han Li stared at the saber mark and silently raised his hand. Over ten small azure swords shot out of his sleeve and directly struck the stone wall.

The other two were alarmed, but they immediately realized what Han Li was doing. With a series of clangs, over ten several-inch-deep holes appeared in the wall, each hole producing silver light specks.

Han Li momentarily revealed surprise and he said, “It truly is Tailstar Silver, and it is mixed into the rock. Moreover, it isn't evenly distributed so it isn't man-made. There should be a vein of Tailstar Silver within.”

Seeing that Han Li’s swords had struck deeper than Lu Weiying's saber, the other both had a change of expression, but Lu Weiying’s eyes betrayed a trace of greed as he stared at the rock wall in silence.

A fiery passion also appeared on Marquis Nanlong's face, but after some thought, he regained his calm.

Marquis Nanlong calmly said, “Let's go. We'll search for the treasures in the valley depths first.”

Lu Weiying hesitated and wore an expression of reluctance. “Go? Tailstar Silver is an incredibly valuable treasure. Wouldn’t it be better to dig this out first?”

Marquis Nanlong frowned and faced Lu Weiying, speaking with a deep tone, “Brother Lu, how can you be so foolish at a time like this? Did you not personally witness how hard Tailstar Silver is? It may be possible that there is an entire vein of it, but a fist-sized chunk of ore can only be refined into a miniscule amount of it. How much time and magic power would you have to waste before it is worth it? And while this item may be precious, don’t forget that what we lack isn’t wealth, but materials to increase our cultivation and lifespan. When we reach our end, these possessions will mean nothing.”

Lu Weiying paused for a moment

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