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“Since you’re me and I’m you, why must I obey your orders now that I’ve gained my own consciousness. And in the Sacred Realm, it wasn’t rare for a soul fragment to devour the original. You should’ve realized this when you released me by myself.” The Elder Devil with the single head spoke with a calm tone.

The two-headed devil’s expression turned fierce. “That’s right, I had expected this. However, I didn’t think you’d manage to attract human cultivators to my body and use Dissolution Transformation on my sealed body to create a new one. Could it be you didn’t know that while this was capable of dispelling the curse, it would greatly damage my body’s vitality and decrease my cultivation by a third. Do you know what this means?”

The human form Elder Devil scoffed and said with a disdainful tone, “Your body? What are you going on about? I was originally a portion of your soul, so why can’t I use the body as I wish. As for the loss of a third of the body’s cultivation, so long as I devour you, I’ll be able to remain in the mortal world and evade those willfully ignorant cowards, become free and unfettered.

When the time is right, I’ll open up an ancient passage to the Sacred Realm. And as a result of this grand accomplishment, I may even become a member of the Sacred Ancestors. What will a bit of lost cultivation matter then?”

When the two-headed devil saw this, he knew there was no turning back and said little else. Since the second devil soul that he had cultivated is betraying him, they would have to attempt to ease the other’s spiritual sense as there could only be one main soul in this world.

Of course, the two-headed devil had no choice in the matter except to fight. Since the main soul was incapable of escaping the restrictions in this area, he couldn’t risk allowing his soul fragment to escape as well. Although he was now outmatched, his soul remnant had made a mistake.

Although his soul fragment had seized the devil body and his cultivation nor his devilform body could compare, he had placed a restriction on his soul fragment in his capacity as the main soul. While he didn’t know how much of this restriction had been dissolved, it would decide the coming battle between then.

With that thought, the Elder Devil suddenly turned one of its heads around and looked at the crowd of cultivators. He then said, “Let’s devour the cultivators’ Nascent Souls first and put off our business for later. Then we can have an uninterrupted battle on who will be the subordinate. I don’t want to give these humans any chance of taking advantage of the chaos. Surely you will agree.”

“Of course. I’ve now dissolved a majority of the restrictions on my body. Even if you didn’t attack, I could kill them all by myself.” The Elder Devil’s soul remnant spoke calmly, and he opened his eyes entirely, revealing blinding red-purple light.

The Elder Devil coldly chuckled and he unconsciously turned his sights on Han Li. “Don’t overestimate

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