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On the west side of Devilfall Valley, there was a small brown mountain with two men on top of it. A white-robed old man who had a kind face was sitting cross-legged, while the other was standing. He wore embroidered robes and a tall crown, and his facial hair dropped down to his chest. They were Marquis Nanlong and the Heavenpeak Sect Elder Lu Weiying.

Marquis Nanlong held both of his hands behind his back as he stood twenty meters in front of Lu Weiying. He appeared to be aloofly looking into the distance, but a trace of worry appeared in his eyes.

Lu Weiying sensed Marquis Nanlong’s worry and said, “Brother Nanlong, there is no need to be so worried. He could have teleported to an area farther away and will take more time to arrive. Did we not personally see him teleport through the spell formation?”

Marquis Nanlong sighed and turned his head to the old man. With a helpless tone, he said, “Your words aren’t untrue. However, you should also know that the many dangers of Devilfall Valley aren’t easily dealt with, no matter how vast one’s abilities are. We need this person or our journey to Devilfall Valley will be a waste.”

Lu Weiying opened his eyes and grumbled, “We do need the Yin Yang Ring in order to go through the Greatnorth Essence Lights, but is the Ancient Flame Toad truly that powerful? If it isn’t, we should’ve just taken the ring instead of bringing him along.”

Marquis Nanlong frowned and said, “I hadn’t personally witnessed how powerful it was, but from Master Cang Kun’s records, it is said to be exceptionally fearsome. It is best that we find a cultivator with the ability to restrain the beast, or it will take too much effort and consume too much of our strength. I don’t want to leave myself open in a place as dangerous as this.”

After a moment of consideration, Lu Weiying said, “Your words are reasonable. It seems you’ve grown more careful and wary after what happened in the Moulan Plains. But from the records I’ve read about the Ancient Flame Toad, it wasn’t well known in times of antiquity. It was even said that it shouldn’t be very hard to deal with, but since Master Cang Kun had vouched for its formidability, I reckon this beast should be a mutant variant.”

Possessing another thought in mind, Marquis Nanlong didn’t entirely agree, “A mutant variant? It’s possible. However, I also feel that the beast didn’t have any natural predators in the valley and cultivated for countless years, resulting in its vast power.”

Lu Weiying closed his eyes once more and slowly said, “Since matters have already reached this stage, there is no point in further speaking about it. We must eliminate the flame toad either way. As for the passage leading to the flame toad, it is covered in Greatnorth Essence Lights. One wouldn’t be able to go through it without any preparations. We don’t have to worry about someone else finding the ancient cultivator remains before us.”

Marquis Nanlong smiled after hearing Lu Weiyin

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