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The Ghost Spirit Sect’s Daoist Shattered Soul hadn’t come, to Han Li’s surprise. This unfamiliar old man came in his place.

However, mobilizing three Nascent Soul cultivators was quite a show of force even from a sect as large as the Ghost Spirit Sect. But considering that they were trying to oversee an area as dangerous as Devilfall Valley, it was still somewhat lacking. Could it be that the Ghost Spirit Sect had made other preparations?

Just as Han Li pondered this, the Ghost Spirit Sect cultivators hurriedly scattered around the valley entrance, appearing to set up a huge spell formation. The nearby cultivators didn’t disturb them and simply watched from the side. As for the Moulan spell warriors, they were also gather together. Their leaders, the scholarly man surnamed Zhong and Spell Warrior Le, were currently discussing something with soft voices.

Han Li stared at the spell formation with clear eyes and a calm expression. But a short moment later, Han Li’s expression stirred and he looked to the sky with bewilderment.

At that moment, light flashed from the distance and a blinding streak of white light suddenly shot across the sky like a bolt of lightning, scattering any clouds that came across its path in a display of astonishing momentum. By then, the other cultivators also saw this shocking occurrence.

In an instant, the white light suddenly arrived above the valley entrance, fading away to reveal an azure-robed old man with an expressionless face.

“Wei Wuya!”

“He’s also come.”

“Could it be that the Nine Nations Union are also determined to acquire the treasures in Devilfall Valley?”

An uproar surged amongst the nearby cultivators when they clearly saw the old man’s face. But what was cause for even greater surprise was how Wei Wuya slowly descended in front of the Ghost Spirit Sect.

When the middle-aged Ghost Spirit Sect Elder with the unfriendly face saw this, he smiled and saluted Wei Wuya. “Brother Wei, you’ve finally arrived. I believed you had been delayed by other affairs. If that were the case, we would’ve had no choice but to postpone entering the valley.”

“Since I’ve made an agreement with Fellow Daoist Wang, I won’t rashly change my mind. But it will be best if you spoke honestly. If the valley doesn’t have the items that you’ve described, don’t blame me if I become hostile.” Wei Wuya ignored the middle-aged man’s smile. It came as no surprise; the Nine Nations Union didn’t have a good relationship with the Devil Dao.

“Be at ease Fellow Daoist. I wouldn’t dare to trick you.” The middle-aged man ignored Wei Wuya’s bold words and continued to welcome him.

The scene caused the nearby cultivators to watch with astonishment. Wei Wuya was the grand elder of the Nine Nations Union and apparently was now working with the Devil Dao. If one didn’t see it with their own eyes, how could they possibly believe it?

Han Li frowned at the sight of this. Now if he were to clash with the G

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