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Marquis Nanlong glanced at the stone gate with a pensive expression before letting out a long sigh, “That’s right. This is the Blood Curse Gate.”

Lu Weiying looked at it for a moment and worriedly asked, “The blood Qi on the gate seems to possess a strong devilish nature. Will there be any problems with it?”

Marquis Nanlong turned to look at Lu Weiying and said, “The gate was sealed by ancient cultivators by using essence blood. Naturally, it will differ from common restrictions. What? Does Brother Lu want to turn back?”

Lu Weiying shook his head and solemnly said, “Turn back? Since we’ve already arrived, how could I do something so foolish? But we still be careful just in case.”

After a moment of thought, Marquis Nanlong’s expression relaxed and he said, “That is reasonable. The gate does give one a sense of discomfort. How about this? First we’ll lay down several restrictions outside the gate. If anything strange occurs, we’ll be able to escape without a problem.”

“Good, then let’s do that.” Lu Weiying promptly nodded.

As a result, Marquis Nanlong and Lu Weiying took out several spell formation setup tools and began to place them at the bottom of the pool.

As Marquis Nanlong and Lu Weiying made their preparations for the Blood Curse Gate, there were a group of people slowly travelling up a huge black stone mountain in another area of the valley. They were headed by a middle-aged cultivator with a stern face while an azure-robed old man stood by his side. They were Wang Tiansheng, Wang Tiansheng, and Wei Wuya. As for Wang Tiangu, he was following three meters behind them. In addition to the three of them, there were four Ghost Spirit Sect Core Formation cultivators closely following behind them.

Wang Tiangu glanced at the red mist not far above him and muttered, “This wicked land is truly evil. Even remote areas have a restriction placed every fifty kilometers. You can’t fly for more than ten meters at a time.”

Wang Tiansheng calmly replied, “The more constrained the area, the more it illustrates we’re in the right place. If we were the ancient cultivators, we would’ve placed restrictions most likely to dissuade other cultivators from treading here. After all, it would take at least a day by foot to travel through here.”

Wang Tiangu revealed an expression of helplessness and said with a chuckle, “Having spent so much effort on this, I certainly hope we didn’t find the wrong place. We’ve already lost three disciples on the way here.”

At that moment, Wei Wuya was looking at the mountain top and expressionlessly said, “After we entered the valley depths, we walked for three days. Don’t tell me that we will have to walk for several more days before we arrive.”

Wang Tiansheng didn’t dare to neglect Wei Wuya and slowly said, “Be at ease, Fellow Daoist Wei. We’ll be there once we pass through this mountain. Once this is done, our Ghost Spirit Sect will be the greatest Devil Dao Sect in the Heavenly Sou

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