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While the three cultivators were dealing with the Elder Devil Corpse, bright light began to wind around Han Li’s body and his surroundings turned dim and hazy. Countless specks of white light danced around in the air around him.

Han Li clasped his hands in an incantation gesture and spiritual light flowed without end around his body. A whirlwind of light rose from the ground and enveloped him in a gorgeous display.

Soon after, gales began to blow with ever greater force and frequency as time went by. As for the white light specks in the distance, they were swept up like moths to the flame. Not long after, the winds formed a huge pillar that reached into the sky, picking up stones and sand wherever it went as if possessed by a devil.

At that moment, Han Li’s incantation echoed through the fierce winds, causing the pillar of wind to tremble before dispersing thin, glowing clouds through the air.

The incantation was quickly spoken and the glowing clouds turned blue. Soon, the sound of rushing water filled the air and countless surging waves rose as far as the eye could see. Waves up to three hundred meters tall began to rise around him. As for Han Li, he was standing within a huge pillar of water and blue light shined from his incantation gesture, appearing as if he were a water god.

Suddenly, Han Li’s incantation gesture changed and the light became muddled.The huge waves of water disappeared in the blink of an eye as if they were an illusion and were replaced with waves of scarlet flame. Over ten, hundred-meter-long fire dragons emerged from them, each of them spitting fire from their mouths.

Then, the flames disappeared only to be replaced with a verdant sea of trees, then an endless desert, a world of ice, and many other worlds as Han Li willed them into existence. For the moment, he appeared to be a godlike existence.

Han Li appeared satisfied with what he had done and used his magic power to condense a three-kilometer-tall giant. He had it beat its chest before roaring at the sky. Afterwards, silver light began to streak from every corner of the horizon and surged towards the giant in a silver wave.

Blinding silver streaks filled the sky and the giant melted underneath the silver lights as if it were ice before a flame. But when this light covered Han Li, he immediately covered his eyes with his hands and miserably scream.

Following his scream, the silver lights in the sky scattered.

Han Li felt completely dazed, but he soon opened his eyes in alarm as both the silver light and the world around him had completely disappeared. He was sitting inside a secluded room, his body completely drenched in sweat.

Han Li took a deep breath and calmed himself, finally recalling that he was within a sealed room inside Devilfall Valley. Not long before, he had taken the Nature Origin Pill that he had refined and was enveloped in an illusory world made by the medicinal power erupting from the pill.

He blankly

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