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The shriveled old man spoke bluntly, “It seems there is no point in speaking any further. There is no room for discussion. Now, there can only be a battle of life and death. But before that, let us conduct the wagered battles. Let us send out our people and set up the restrictions. Regardless of the outcome of these wagered battles, we will immediately start the war once they are concluded.” At this stage, he realized that having the three great cultivators admitting defeat was merely wishful thinking.

Devil Concord stared at the old man and coldly smiled. “Of course we will agree to the wagered battles. However, where are the captives you’ve promised? I don’t see anyone. Hehe...”

Once the old man heard this, he blankly stared in through before sending a voice transmission to someone behind him. Suddenly, a spell warrior division began to shuffle, revealing over a thousand unarmed cultivators among their ranks.

The cultivators were then placed in front of the army, each wearing a variety of expressions. There were even those that were flushed with anger and were glaring at the spell warriors. This had aroused an uproar in some of the cultivator ranks; some cultivators recognized a few fellow sect members amongst the captives.

When Master Sunreach and the others saw this, they exchanged a glance and nodded.

The short man of the Moulan Divine Sages grew impatient. “What now? You’ve seen them, so you should feel at ease. Quickly start the wagered battles!”

Wei Wuya suddenly asked, “Why is your esteemed self so anxious? Could it be that you’re planning something with these wagered battles?”

The short man’s face stirred and he menacingly said, “If you don’t dare to fight the wagered battle, we will string these cultivators up on banners and then start the battle. Would you like that?”

A cold glint flickered from Wei Wuya’s eyes. He sternly asked, “You’re threatening us?”

At that moment, the shriveled old man sinisterly said, “It isn’t a threat at all. If you aren’t willing to conduct the wagered battles, we no longer have use for these captives, apart from hanging them and stirring up morale.”

When Master Sunreach heard this, he frowned and said, “But if we agree to the wagered battle, you will have to release the captives first.”

The short man bluntly rebuked, “Release them? You believe that we would do something so foolish?”

“But we are also distrustful of you. What can we do if you don’t keep your promise?” Wei Wuya calmly asked.

“Even with this, we...”

Before the short man could finish, an ominous glint flickered from the shriveled old man’s eyes, and he interrupted him, “Enough with these useless words. We will first release half of the captives before the wagered battle takes place. We will hand over the remaining captives once they are over. You must have no objections about this, right? If that won’t do, then we will simply start the battle.”

Master Sunreach spoke to the other two a

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