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“Divine Devilbane Lightning!” The black-robed woman shouted in alarm. Just as she thought to retaliate in fury from having her attack countered, she suddenly saw the lightning emitting from Han Li’s body, a net of crackling thunder rushing to envelop her. Horror on her face, her body transformed into smoke as she shot back, attempting to avoid the lightning at all costs.

With an emotionless face, Han Li unfolded his wings and disappeared from sight. When she saw this, the black-robed woman immediately recalled what she had heard about Han Li and hastily formed an incantation gesture with her hands, her body of smoke blurring and shifting into eight identical copies, each one standing side by side.

Each of them appeared real, and took actions of their own, splitting up and scattering in different directions in streaks of yellow light. It was unknown which copy was the true!

In a flash of silver light, Han Li appeared where the woman original stood, thunder ringing behind him. He glanced at the scattered streaks of yellow light in a calm manner. There was even a trace of a sneer on his face. Spiritual power entering his eyes, blue light shined from deep within his pupils, activating the Brightsight Spirit Eyes.

Han Li raised his head and peered into the distance. The silhouettes within the yellow light were all dim and possessed sparse spiritual Qi; they were all fakes.

Han Li’s heart trembled and he hastily looked around him to suddenly discover that a nearly invisible thread of smoke was silently approaching him from behind.

The woman had used an illusion technique to capture his attention, and decided to use this gap in attention to seize the opportunity to launch a surprise attack on him rather than escape. The woman was both capable and bold. Were it not for his Brightsight Spirit Eyes, he wouldn’t have been able to detect her. The woman’s evasion techniques are no less skillful than Silvermoon’s, spiritual sense wasn’t enough to find any trace of her.

Shocked to the core, Han Li silently turned around and flew straight towards the huge ape as if he had no further intention to chase after the black-robed woman.

The faint thread of smoke had already arrived about ten meters away from Han Li. It paused and the woman’s body suddenly manifested in the air. An inch-long blade of yellow light shined from her hand in an attempt to strike Han Li from behind. From how it appeared, it seemed she was about to incisively strike at Han Li’s heart. If her attack struck true, his body was certain to be destroyed.

But in the moment the woman was about to strike, Han Li turned around in a blur, his eyes immediately locking onto her. He opened his mouth, shooting golden light from his mouth.

“Ah!” The black-robed woman’s face turned deathly pale and she hastily attempted to dodge, but she was too late. She couldn’t avoid the attack from such a close distance.

Bang. A bolt of golden lightning shot out of Han Li’s mou

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