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Han Li rejoiced at seeing the bronze lantern seized, much to the green-robed woman’s despair. In an instant, her face paled with an expression of furious alarm. Soon after, she raised her arms, sweeping a white mist around her. The white lotus below her began to wildly revolve, producing a lotus mirage that appeared as large as a mountain.

Once the white light holding the lantern returned to the cloud, the huge lotus mirage had already launched after it in pursuit. The purple cloud then transformed into a large purple net and dropped down. In the next instant, the lotus struck the net, releasing a glow of purple and white light. Silvermoon’s sweet chuckle soon followed.

After the purple net was released, the white light faded away to reveal Silvermoon. She laughed as she held onto the ancient flower basket. Its interior shined with white light as it rigidly trapped the bronze lantern. Once the green-robed woman’s spiritual sense was wiped from it, it would be capable of being used by anyone.

But before Han Li could bask in his excitement, a silhouette staggered towards them and spotted both Han Li and the green-robed woman engaged in battle. The silhouette shouted to Han Li in panic, “Fellow Daoist Han, quickly run! A Moulan Divine Sage has arrived. He’s already killed Fellow Daoist Lu. Hurry and run!” This silhouetted turned out to be Old Man Ma, but his hair was disheveled and one of his arms was missing.

“A Moulan Divine Sage?” Han Li felt his heart drop upon hearing this. Just as he thought to ask further of the matter, Old Man Ma flew away in a flash of white light, not daring to stay a moment longer. But at that moment, an indifferent man’s voice soon arrived.

“You’re too late! I’ve already found you. You had abandoned your arm to escape calamity, but let’s see what other secret techniques you have. Surely you didn’t refine a substitution puppet out of your other arm as well? If that’s the case, I will truly hold you in admir— Yi!? Is this not the Bright Origin Lantern? You cunning scoundrel, your courage is quite great. A little fox such as yourself dares to take a lineage treasure of the Moulan?” The words were spoken in quick succession and the speaker of the voice soon arrived before them.

A silver streak of light shot out from the sea of mist in a seemingly slow manner, but it instantly arrived before Silvermoon.

Silvermoon’s complexion grew deathly pale and she hastily waved her arm, summoning a purple net in front of her. At that same moment, she instantly took off without a further thought.

The silver streak paused for just a moment before immediately transforming into a large silver hand. It forcibly took the Purple Cloudlace in its grasp and formed a fist before striking at the air in the direction that Silvermoon had fled.

As Silvermoon flew off in a streak of yellow light, she was suddenly struck by a silver ball of light out of seemingly nowhere. With a miserable wail, her yellow light disa

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