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Han Li felt somewhat apprehensive at the thought of Mu Peiling and Nangong Wan meeting each other. However, he merely uttered a few words of thanks to Lu Luo.

“What does Junior Martial Brother Han plan on doing now? According to the arrangements, you no longer need to participate in any upcoming battles due to your previous service. However a few days ago, the Righteous and Devilish Dao, the Nine Nations Union, and our Heavenly Dao alliance held a meeting with regards to war countermeasures, and Junior Martial brother Han was mentioned. Since you were able to slay the black-robed spell warrior in an instant, your techniques will certainly be capable of restraining the other black-robed spell warriors. As such, they hoped Junior Martial brother would be able to participate in the battle soon to come.”

Lu Luo then revealed a hesitant expression before continuing, “The representative of the Heavenly Dao Alliance also believes that Junior Martial Brother will be a great military asset, and that it would be inexcusable if he doesn’t fight. That is...”

Somewhat to Lu Luo’s surprise, Han Li didn’t reveal any anger. Instead, he coldly smiled and said, “I find it acceptable to continue fighting. If the Heavenly South was to be truly occupied by the Moulan, nothing good would happen for our Drifting Cloud Sect. However, how will the previous agreement be dealt with? Surely it won’t just be waved away with mere words!”

Lu Luo bitterly smiled and said, “Of course not. With the addition of Junior Martial Brother’s merits of slaying the black-robed cultivator and ferreting out the Moulan spy, the alliance promises that it will adhere to any conditions Junior Martial Brother will raise, given that he continues to fight in the war. So long as your conditions are fulfillable, they will attempt to satisfy you as much as they can as compensation.”

Han Li’s expression stirred for a moment, but he remained calm while he said, “They are willing to compensate me? That is easy to say, but I’ll need to have a discussion about these specific conditions with the person in charge.”

Lu Luo smiled and said, “That is also good. I was just about to bring Junior Martial Brother to go see the acting leaders of the Heavenly Dao Alliance. So long as your conditions aren’t excessive, they should be willing to agree.”

Han Li smiled and slowly said, “Be at ease, Senior Martial Brother Lu. I will not attempt to overreach myself and make it difficult for you.”

Seeing that Han Li understood to act within reason, Lu Luo felt relieved and said, “Junior Martial Brother must be joking. There is no need to give consideration for my sake. This is a rare display of generosity from those old folks so you shouldn’t hold back.”

When Han Li heard this, he wore a mysterious smile and said nothing further. Afterwards, Lu Luo promptly led Han Li out of the Drifting Cloud Sect’s encampment and directly headed to the Heavenly Dao Alliance’s official hall.

“Our H

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