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The Moulan Sacred Bird’s disappearance was soon known to both sides of the battlefield, causing a massive turnaround in morale. The spell warriors found themselves vastly in shock, and the cultivators with their spirits roused.

When the shriveled old man and Tian Zhong saw this while they were in battle, they wore an expression of disbelief. The Sacred Bird can’t have disappeared because it ran out of lantern oil. The only possibility was that a cultivator has extinguished the Bright Origin Lantern.

The two Divine Sages couldn’t have known that the Moulan Lineage treasure had fallen into Han Li’s grasp once again. From how they saw it, with their late Nascent Soul stage cultivators occupied and their other cultivators suppressed by the Sacred Bird, there was no possibility of a breach of Spell Warrior Le’s defenses. This terrible reality has come as a vast surprise.

Han Li had stealthily arrived by the side of the Weeping Soul Beast before making a reappearance. By that point, the Weeping Soul Beast had already exterminated a majority of the refined corpses. The remaining fraction of them had been hastily withdrawn by the Yin Sifting Sect’s cultivators as it was only a matter of time before all of the Copper-armored corpses were eliminated.

Having absorbed so much undead Qi, the Weeping Soul beast grew even larger and its fur shined with even stronger black light. It appeared completely strengthened.

Of course, there were many black-robed cultivators and spell warriors who wished to exterminate the huge ape. However, Long Han fully understood that this strange huge ape was the key to dealing with the Copper-armored Corpses and immediately dispatched men to protect it.

There would occasionally be those that made it past, but Silvermoon would lead them astray with her illusion techniques, sending them off to their doom.

By the time Han Li made it back, the Weeping Soul Beast was finishing off the final Copper-armored Corpses that have yet to be withdrawn. He waved his arm at the beast, and in a flicker of black light, the beast shrunk and flew into a spirit pouch at his waist in a streak of black light. When Silvermoon saw this, she approached him from behind.

Having withdrawn the Weeping Soul Beast, Han Li thought to say something further to Silvermoon when a kilometer of the sky was suddenly covered in dark clouds, countless bolts of green lightning flashing from within. Han Li glanced at the sky in awe.

“Who is it? Who is it that killed my wife!? I will take your soul and wipe it away!” The thunderous roar of the Yin Sifting Sect Master echoed through the skies. When Han Li heard this, he felt his heart thump and he gloomily watched him.

“Why are you so quick to leave before victory has been decided. I wish to experience your demonic techniques!” Quickly following after the black-robed man’s shout was Devil Concord’s faint voice. Soon after a grey mist shot out from the sky and blocked the black clouds f

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