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The azure pearl flew above her head and she struck it with a spell seal. It immediately shined with radiant light before releasing countless threads of azure light that swept past the green mist. With violent sweeps, the wind of light scattered the surrounding mist, leaving an area of three hundred meters around her entirely clear.

She spotted a youth standing a hundred meters away, silently observing her without the slightest emotion. He was Han Li who had been waiting quite a while for her.

A cold glint appeared in the woman’s eyes and her bright gaze flickered. Once her spiritual sense swept her surroundings, she frowned and glanced at the sky. About a hundred meters above them, there was a cloud of silver and gold silently floating there.

When she saw the true appearance of the golden cloud, her expression vastly changed with the icy intent in her eyes only growing denser. The woman muttered, “Gold Devouring Beetles! It turned out that you were the cultivator who possessed them!”

Han Li was surprised she had recognized them, but he managed to retain his calm. “There seems to be many spell warriors amongst the Moulan that recognize these insects. I am truly surprised. Did the spell warrior who last saw me inform you?”

Rather than answer his question, she asked, “The Heavenly Wind Tribe’s Sage Mu had his body destroyed by your hand?”

Betraying not the slight vigilance that grew in his heart, he flatly said, “Sage Mu? The spell warrior that pursued me with the Wind Riding Chariot? If that is the one, then yes; I am the one who destroyed his body. Were it not for his Nascent Soul fleeing so quickly, I would’ve been able to exterminate both spirit and body. Could it be you wish to take vengeance on his behalf?”

Since this woman already knew of the Celestial Ice Flames and the Thunderstorm Wings, he wouldn’t be able to catch her off guard, turning her into a somewhat troublesome opponent. All of his battles at Nascent Soul stage so far, barring one, had been handled by first catching his opponents off guard with the Thunderstorm Wings and later using the Celestial Ice Flames to freeze them through.

“Sage Mu’s body didn’t possess particularly deep cultivation, so its loss isn’t anything to complain about. However, you possess many mystical abilities and are able to even control the Gold Devouring Beetles; therefore, you will not be escaping me alive.” The green-clothed woman’s expression sank and she quickly formed a hand incantation. With white light flashing around her, a white ribbon suddenly floated from her body as it fluttered with the wind.

She then twirled her palm and a faint yellow cauldron appeared in her hand. It was refined from some unknown wood, was four inches large, and appeared rather antiquated, with cryptic talisman characters carved on its exterior.

When Han Li’s spiritual sense swept past it, his expression changed.

“Your Gold Devouring Beetles may be an exotic insect from antiquity

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