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“What is it?” Han Li turned his head to look at Silvermoon, his curiosity written all over his face.

With a deliberate tone, Silvermoon asked, “Ever since Master has taken me in as an artifact spirit, he hasn’t used me as an artifact spirit in battle or to boost the power of his flying swords. Could you tell me why?”

Han Li frowned in surprise and asked, “Why are you asking this?”

Silvermoon lowered her head and whispered, “It’s nothing but a casual question. After all, my true identity is that of an artifact spirit.”

After a moment of silence, Han Li said, “Artifact spirit? You believe yourself to be a common artifact spirit? Common artifact spirits don’t possess any intelligence. Why even ask such a question? Even if I summoned you as an artifact spirit, it would consume too much of your spirit essence. If one relies on using their artifact spirit too often, it may even lead to the spirit's dispersal. And from my point of view, your demon fox body is very useful to me. Unless it is a last resort, I will not be using you as an artifact spirit. Also, if your cultivation suffers as a result, it wouldn’t benefit me either.” Afterwards, Han Li turned around and left the hall.

Silvermoon remained in the hall, her head lowered as she grew lost in thought. A short moment later, she glanced at the jade box in her hand and walked away with a smile.

Once Han Li entered the cave residence, he began to prepare to cultivate the ability for a second Nascent Soul. Since a divine ability this powerful went beyond the realm of normality, Han Li‘s preparations to refine this technique lasted for quite a while.

At the moment, Han Li was sitting cross-legged on the ground. His hands held a faint azure jade slip and he was reading through it with his spiritual sense as if trying to comprehend something. The Profound Nascent Formation Arts were recorded on the jade slip.

A short time later, he withdrew his spiritual sense from the jade slip and closed his eyes. He then formed a hand gesture and began to whisper an incantation. His body froze and azure light flickered from the top of the head, suddenly summoning a Nascent Soul intertwined with azure light — the Nascent Soul that Han Li bitterly cultivated for two hundred years to create.

The Nascent Soul appeared slightly more powerful than when it first appeared several years ago. Its eyes were a shiny jet black and appeared intelligent.

Having only cultivated his Nascent Soul for several years, he only dared to manifest it in an extremely safe area, else it could be weakened if something unexpected happened.

It sat on Han Li’s head for a moment more and glanced around the room before suddenly enveloping itself in a ball of azure light and floating around the hidden room.

At first it was unaccustomed to fly, but as it became more practiced, it was able to do it increasingly faster. In the end, the Nascent Soul was able to fly erratically around the hidden room in a di

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